The First Multi Produce Dryer Made By FINIC Ghana Undergoes Installation In The Eastern Region Of Ghana.

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The First Multi Produce Dryer Made by FINIC Ghana Undergoes Installation in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

By: Foday Melvin Kamara

Managing Director of FINIC.

The First Multi Produce Dryer Made by FINIC Ghana Undergoes Installation in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

South/South Cooperation in the context of collaborations between countries and peoples of the southern hemisphere of the globe, is in practical demonstration by FINIC.

Complimentary capabilities in generatiing technologies in Africa, is of great importance as technologies developed by this way, stand a greater chance of survival because the conditions and circumstances in which they are developed, are enormously the same. We at FINIC, have had cases of our rice mills, palm oil processing machines and others, serving over 16 years with exemplary performance. WHY? Because we are able to combine traditional technologies with appropriate ones that help us carve a path in formulating a delicate balance between durability and cost.

My first visit to Ghana was in 2003 in a study trip sponsored by the Common Wealth. It was great and my mind never left me thinking how to make a business inroad in that great country.

My excitement was fired when in 2003, the Business and Financial Times News Paper of Ghana carried an article about the Condom Vending Machine invented by FINIC. There were positive vibrations and the ambience was electrifying. At some point, there were negotiations for collaborative ventures with the Ghana Social Marketing Foundation and a renowned bank to have the condom vending machines installed in entertainment centers in that country. The business idea was stalled for failing to present a compelling case for a maintenance contract to keep the equipment up and running with little or no downtime.

Subsequent visits created a clearer picture to get started in that country and a given point that I would reference as a devine intervention, was when I met Mr. Abubakarr Sadu, the young Managing Director of FINIC Ghana that did the narrative in the short video clip. From day one we met, our passion became naturally synchronized as our glamour in mechanical things has an enviable space in our hearts. Mr. Abubakarr Sadu demonstrated great spirit, enthusiasm and excitement in creating an inroad to have FINIC own and operate a manufacturing outfit in Accra.

Bad as Covid is, its prevalence in Ghana and Sierra Leone created an opportunity for FINIC to gain an accelerated space in the small scale manufacturing business in that country. Then, FINIC had perfected a design of a Hands Free Washing Station it had invented in Sierra Leone few weeks after Covid hit.

Using information technology, most especially WhatsApp video calls, and other electronic means, we transfered “Hands Free Washing Station” technology to the FINIC team in Ghana without sending a single soul there. For that, we established a manufacturing outfit in Accra – Ablekuma area.

The opportunity was well grabbed and the Hands Free Washing Technology was a hit. Several hundreds were sold to a wide range of a high profiled clientele including the Ghana Fire Service, UNICEF, and the Golden Tulip Hotel in Accra. It provided an accelerated space for a modest manufacturing outfit that will encompass FINIC’S array of technologies in agro processing.

Inquiries received for orders of other agro processing equipment, it became apparent and highly enticing that FINIC Sierra Leone sends a Technician for technology transfer to the team of FINIC Ghana.

On the 6th of February 2021 and with a mandate to transfer technologies in multi produce dryer, rice parboiling, palm oil processing, and compact cassava processing technologies within a 3 month time frame, Mr. John Kabba Sesay, one of FINIC Sierra Leone talented Technician was flown to Accra for implementation. He full filled his mandate with flying colors and returned home fulfilled, on the 4th of May 2021.

Orders have started flying for the dryer and the fruit juice extraction machine. Today – 29.07.2021 – the first dryer built by FINIC Ghana is under installation at Nimakoaa 40 acre Maize Farm in ESIKASU Town
Eastern Region.

What will be an array of orders in the next couple of years to come has just started.

FINIC Nigeria and FINIC Guinea are in sight and will soon vibrate in the wonderful name of God. It is my fervent wish that before I retire from active service that I leave FINIC in 5 African countries. My struggle and challenge will be to continue to calibrate mindsets and character honing for a continuation of the expansion strategy. Africa needs FINIC!



Foday Melvin Kamara
Managing Director of FINIC.

Visit Finic Sierra Leone to know more about their work Finic Sierra Leone


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