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Reading: Stella Bangura, former beauty queen and TV presenter, talks about her upcoming third season of “On The Spot With Stella” after a two-year hiatus.
Reading: Stella Bangura, former beauty queen and TV presenter, talks about her upcoming third season of “On The Spot With Stella” after a two-year hiatus.

Stella Bangura, former beauty queen and TV presenter, talks about her upcoming third season of “On The Spot With Stella” after a two-year hiatus.

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Sallu Kamuskay
By Sallu Kamuskay 7 Min Read
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Stella Bangura
Stella Bangura

Former beauty queen, media, communication, branding professional and TV presenter, Stella Bangura, is making a comeback with the third season of her popular talk show, “On The Spot With Stella.” After a break of over two years, Bangura is ready to return to the screens and continue her mission of interviewing African changemakers from across the continent.

In an interview, Bangura revealed that the second season of her show ended in late 2021, and since then, she has been off the screen. However, she clarified that there have been activities going on behind the scenes and screens. She took a break to focus on her talk show and business development activities after resigning from her previous organization. During this time, she also pursued a Masters program and became a frequent guest on the BBC program “Business Matters,” where she provided a Sierra Leonean perspective on global issues.

On the Spot with Stella - Official flyer - Ten Urban + Nigezie
On the Spot with Stella – Official flyer – Ten Urban + Nigezie

“After this much-needed rest, I embarked on pursuing a Masters. program and also resumed production for the new season of my talk show. Additionally, I became a frequent guest on the BBC program “Business Matters,” where I provide a Sierra Leonean perspective on global issues. These past two years have been both incredibly busy and fascinating for me.” She told Salone Messenger

Bangura shared exciting news about the expansion of her show’s reach. In the upcoming season, “On The Spot With Stella” will air in Nigeria on two channels: TEN URBAN TV Channel 135 on Startimes and NIGEZIE XTREME on Startimes Channel 427. This expansion means that viewers in Sierra Leone who have Startimes can already start enjoying the show before its official launch in Sierra Leone. Bangura promised to announce all the details for the show’s Sierra Leone launch soon.

Reflecting on her time off-screen, Bangura described it as an incredible journey. She used this period to focus on herself and devote time to building her business. She emphasized the importance of embracing change and leaving behind what no longer serves personal growth. Bangura channeled her energy into producing remarkable content that stands out, showcasing Sierra Leone’s potential to create globally appealing content. The show has gained international recognition, extending its reach from Africa to the Middle East and Europe.

As Bangura plans her comeback, she expressed excitement about being in a different space. She aims to highlight the amazing work happening in Sierra Leone beyond politics. Bangura believes that consistently asking critical questions on accountability, governance, economy, and corruption as a journalist can become redundant. Instead, she wants to actively contribute to creating the Sierra Leone she envisions. Bangura is eager to showcase the positive side of her country and the inspiring individuals making a difference.

“Having been a critical voice on TV as a journalist who consistently asked critical questions on accountability, governance, economy, and corruption, I started to feel like a broken record. We all know the problems and governments in and out promise yet fail to address these fundamental issues, so having to keep asking the same questions on these issues over and over again gets quite redundant. So, I decided that rather than just questioning, I can actively contribute to creating the Sierra Leone I want to see in my own little way. I wanted to be actively part of rebranding Sierra Leone and Africa, highlighting the many amazing people and work being done and inspiring people to do greater things through the content I push out. I think that has a profound impact as I focus on the people and inspire change for a better society.  That’s the essence of what I do, and I love every bit of it and the journey so far.” She disclosed to Salone Messenger

Fans and viewers can look forward to the third season of “On The Spot With Stella,” where Bangura will continue to shine a spotlight on African changemakers and share their stories of impact and success. Her comeback is set to bring fresh perspectives and captivating content to screens across Africa and beyond. Follow her YouTube channel

Ms. Stella Bangura is the founder and CEO of On the Spot Limited – a media entity providing communications, branding and media production services. She is the Executive Producer and host of the ‘On the Spot with Stella’ TV show and the former co-host of the weekly morning TV show – Wake Up Sierra Leone – at the Africa Young Voices Media Empire (AYV) TV where she also worked as the Director of Operations and Director of Administration and Branding respectively for over three years.

With over 10 years of experience in the media, Stella is a media entrepreneur, multiple award-winning TV Presenter, MC, Breast Cancer Awareness advocate and an international ex-beauty queen. She is also a frequent guest on the BBC program – Business Matters.

She is a proud recipient of multiple awards such as the National Entertainment Awards (NEA) for Best Female TV Personality of the Year, 50 Most Influential Sierra Leonean Women award, Confederation of West African Youths Award for TV Personality of the Year, 100 Most Influential Professional, 100 Most Influential Young Leaders in Africa, 50 Most Influential Business Leaders in Africa and many more.

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Sallu is the lead Coordinator for Peace Tour programme, an initiative supported by the European Union, Africa Union, ECOWAS focusing on uniting and empowering young people and local communities. Over the years, Sallu Kamuskay has been using his Techno phone to be able to tell stories, the phone he used to tell the story of Gbessay during Ebola who was admitted at one of the Ebola treatment centers after rumors that she had Ebola when the actual sickness was ulcer, she was almost abandoned at the treatment canter with no medication provided to her. She could have died. Sallu told the story via social media and was able to secure funding from the United Sierra Leone to buy her medication and advocated for her. She was later discharged and taken home, He did the same to a patient that died and was abandoned in the street, Sallu Kamuskay used his phone and shared the message across, the corps was later taken and buried. It could have been more disaster without his voice. The story of late America Stress 3-year-old daughter. The hero’s daughter was abandon after his father's death. He shared her sad story and was able to get a sister who has taken the child as her own and is currently providing her with educational support. The article of America Stress can be read on the link below Sallu Kamuskay feels the stories of Gbessay, America stress and that of many others need to be told. The media house we have cannot better tell these stories, they are better reporters than telling human interest stories. He created the Salone Messenger platform and brought together passionate storytellers to be able to tell these compelling stories.