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Reading: “Sierra Leone’s Tourism Future: Stakeholders Shape Master Plan in Bo”
Reading: “Sierra Leone’s Tourism Future: Stakeholders Shape Master Plan in Bo”

“Sierra Leone’s Tourism Future: Stakeholders Shape Master Plan in Bo”

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In May 2023, the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, in collaboration with the National Tourist Board, KEIOS consultants, and the Tourism Advisor, partnered with the World Bank Sierra Leone Economic Diversification Project (SLEDP) to convene stakeholders and development actors in Bo.

The objective was to design a comprehensive Tourism Master Plan for the next five years, aimed at enhancing Sierra Leone’s tourism industry. The team had conducted assessments and explorations, including visits to Bonthe Island and discussions with community leaders in the Turtle Archipelago, to identify potential attraction sites across the country.

The Bo session was the culmination of a week-long series of regional deliberations, followed by a stakeholder engagement event in Freetown. The Ministry aimed to involve all relevant parties, including local communities, business owners, tourism operators, and government representatives, to ensure that the Tourism Master Plan aligned with their aspirations and needs.

The plan would provide a roadmap for strategic development and promotion of Sierra Leone’s tourism assets, helping to attract both domestic and international visitors and boost economic growth sustainably.

The Ministry’s Information Unit expressed enthusiasm about the progress made thus far and encouraged all stakeholders to actively participate in the upcoming consultations.

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