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Reading: Sierra Leone’s Anti-Drug Task Force gets new leader
Reading: Sierra Leone’s Anti-Drug Task Force gets new leader

Sierra Leone’s Anti-Drug Task Force gets new leader

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Sierra Leone’s Anti-Drug Task Force gets new leader
Sierra Leone’s Anti-Drug Task Force gets new leader

His Excellency President Dr. Julius Maada Bio has appointed Brigadier General Prof. Foday Sahr as the National Coordinator of the National Task Force on Drug and Substance Abuse. This appointment underscores President Bio’s unwavering commitment to addressing this pressing issue and promoting public health across Sierra Leone.

Brigadier General Prof. Foday Sahr brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role. With a distinguished background in governance, security, and medical microbiology, Prof. Sahr is well-equipped to lead coordinated efforts in tackling drug and substance abuse across various ministries and sectors. His appointment follows President Bio’s national address outlining key pillars for action, including prevention, care and treatment, social support, law enforcement, and community engagement.

Prof. Sahr’s track record of leadership and innovation in crisis response further solidifies his suitability for the role. Notably, during Sierra Leone’s battles against the West African Ebola outbreak, Prof. Sahr’s groundbreaking research on intravenous infusion significantly reduced mortality rates from 90% to approximately 40%, saving countless lives. His expertise and contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic were equally instrumental, with Sierra Leone achieving one of the lowest mortality rates globally under his guidance.

As the former Vice Chancellor of the University of Sierra Leone and Surgeon General of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces, Prof. Sahr has demonstrated a commitment to excellence in public service and healthcare delivery. Currently serving as the Executive Director of the National Public Health Agency, he continues to champion initiatives that promote the well-being of all citizens.

President Bio’s selection of Prof. Sahr as the National Coordinator signals a strategic and holistic approach to addressing drug and substance abuse. By leveraging Prof. Sahr’s leadership and expertise, Sierra Leone aims to implement comprehensive strategies that target prevention, treatment, enforcement, and community engagement.

In response to his appointment, Prof. Sahr expressed gratitude for the opportunity to lead such a critical initiative. He emphasized the importance of collaboration and innovation in combating drug and substance abuse, affirming his commitment to working closely with stakeholders across sectors to achieve tangible results.

Sierra Leoneans are optimistic about the transformative impact Prof. Sahr’s leadership will have on addressing drug and substance abuse in the country. With a visionary leader at the helm, the National Task Force is poised to make significant strides towards a healthier and safer future for all citizens.

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