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Reading: PRA Executive Chairman Baluwa Koroma Shows Generous Support to SLPP in Bo District
Reading: PRA Executive Chairman Baluwa Koroma Shows Generous Support to SLPP in Bo District

PRA Executive Chairman Baluwa Koroma Shows Generous Support to SLPP in Bo District

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In a heartwarming display of solidarity and support, the Executive Chairman of the Petroleum Regulatory Agency (PRA), Baluwa Koroma, extended an altruistic gesture to the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) Executives in Bo District and support groups in Torwama Community, Bo City.

Koroma’s contributions included 54 bags of rice (25kg each) and financial assistance for logistical support, underscoring his commitment to fostering unity and camaraderie within the party during the festive season. Emphasizing the significance of such moments, he highlighted the importance of demonstrating love and unity, especially when considering the needs of party members and executives, particularly during the Christmas period.

During the donation ceremony, Koroma expressed his dedication to giving back to his home district, citing the encouragement from His Excellency Retired President Julius Maada Bio. He stressed the importance of maintaining close ties with party executives and supporters, aligning with the president’s vision of ensuring constant engagement despite official duties.

Graciously receiving the donations on behalf of the Bo District Executives, the Resident Minister South, also the SLPP Bo District Party Chairman, Mr. Mohamed E.K Alie, lauded Koroma’s timely and generous support. He acknowledged the consistent goodwill extended by Mr. and Mrs. Koroma to the party office whenever called upon for assistance.

The Resident Minister South further urged Koroma to continue his impactful work, acknowledging the positive contributions the PRA Chairman has made not only in Bo City but also in advancing the government’s objectives for Sierra Leone.

Adding his voice to the commendations, His Lordship, Mayor Kobba Musa of Bo City, expressed gratitude for Koroma’s continued assistance, especially in civic activities like the General Cleaning Exercise. Mayor Kobba appealed for unified efforts from appointees in Bo District to collectively support both district and city councils, emphasizing the need for collaboration among stakeholders for transformative change in Bo City and District.

In a heartfelt extension of his Christmas benevolence, Baluwa Koroma further extended his gestures to Kortumahun Town in Bumpe Chiefdom, Bo District, underscoring his commitment to his motherland’s welfare.

Koroma’s philanthropic acts not only reflect the spirit of giving but also foster unity and solidarity within Sierra Leone’s political landscape, echoing a message of togetherness and support during festive seasons.

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