“My topic will focus on depression” Aspiring Housemates Salone Contestant Residing In USA Shares Touching Message

Sallu Kamuskay Sallu
Sallu Kamuskay Sallu
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Aspiring Housemates Salone Contestant Residing in USA  shares touching message

A Sierra Leonean entrepreneur, Mimi Munah, based in Atlanta Georgia(United States of America) has taken on her social media platform to share touching message to her followers on why she is aspiring for the biggest reality TV show in Sierra Leone, Housemates Salone. Mimi Munah who is a proud mother of  2 reveals that her platform will focus on depression, she noted that this topic is largely seeing as Taboo by many people in the African society. She further stated that her platform will serve as a preventive or an early cure for depression
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Mimi Munah
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“I am Mimi Munah a Sierra Leonean based in Atlanta Georgia(United States of America)I am from the kurankoh Madingo side… A proud Sierra Leonean who also reps all tribes in terms of extended family and loyal friendships. I’m a proud mother of 2. I live in Atlanta Georgia.
I am an entrepreneur/ business woman and work a regular 9/5 with a reputable company in the states.
I am zestfully full of life,I love to travel, love dancing, music is definitely a part of my everyday life, I interact well with people from all works of life .
In my entrepreneurship… I’ve found joy in home decor, fashion and creating jewelry for ladies, gentlemen and children… I plan to indulge into this venture internationally… I’ll display some of my work for you to see and I’ll appreciate you patronizing me ❤️.
So about me going to housemate is part of me fulfilling my adventures.
It a whole vibe when a lady appreciates herself more and is aware of her worth.
Well guys … this is where I am in my life. As you know my topic will focus on depression and I want to express it in a broad spectrum which will include child bullying, finance, relationships, family and more. I don’t wanna leave any woman or female child out.
My platform will serve as a preventive or an early cure for depression.
I don’t wish any to go through such as it is a gruesome experience.
I believe me exposing a topic that is a taboo amongst Africans and our society will help and encourage others to deviate from any aspects in life that will resort to depression.
As my fingers are crossed for my acceptance in this exciting race to make it to housemates season 3, I kindly and lovingly ask for your full support from all works of life across Africa , America, Europe, Asia, China,The Caribbean and all who will watch the show.
I’m already happy given a chance to audition on such a promising productive show that’s gonna air on DSTV and beyond.
If you’re not belonging to a team I humbly welcome you to join mine. I promise you classy sassy content that will have you not wanna leave your screens.
I want to thank AYV, Africell, Mr Jr Navo and his panelist, producers, Bloggers and mostly my family and friends rooting for me. I love and appreciate you all loads…
With Love ❤️
Mimi Munah”


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