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Musa Tombo goes viral with a bread knife

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Musa Tombo goes viral with a bread knife
Musa Tombo goes viral with a bread knife

Controversial Sierra Leonean Football player Musa Noah Kamara (Musa Tombo) had taken on social media to share g by video of him threatening to kill himself  . He made the video holding a knife. He said his wife and the agent have canceled his ticket to return to Sierra Leone.

Following the Musa and Hawa Tombo Libya saga, there has been rumours cycling the blue app alleging Hawa to have cancelled her husband, Musa Tombo’s return ticket to Sierra Leone.

Musa Tombo, who few hours ago explained his conditions and fears living in Libya since Monday, a day after his arrival in Libya, disclosed how he eagerly awaits his return to Sierra Leone in no time.

According to Musa, the reason behind his return is because, he affirmed Libya is not a safe place for him to stay. This is because, after his arrival on Sunday in Libya, he heard gun shots the following day, on Monday. This, Musa took to his Agent and Wife who he thought could be his direct links to him coming home was surprised to the responds he received from the wife, Hawa Tombo.

If this is to be true, there is a tendency of Musa return today as we were told earlier to be unlikely. Rumours furthered that, Musa Tombo has planned to cause chaos in the airport so that he will be deported back to Sierra Leone if his ticket is not bought to time.

Musa Noah Kamara joined Al-Ittihad After Bo Rangers terminated his contract a week ago, Musa Noah Kamara (Musa Tombo) has became the latest signing of Al-Ittihad the 2021 to 2022 champions of the Libyan topflight league abs African inter club competitions.

Musa Noah Kamara (Musa Tombo)was the star player that led Bo Rangers to their first ever Premier league trophy after scoring 19 goals in the process and won the best player of the league respectively.

Musa Noah Kamara (born 6 August 2000) is a Sierra Leonean footballer who plays as a striker for Bo Rangers and the Sierra Leone national team.

Musa Tombo  was born in Tombo.[1] After playing for AIK Freetong in 2018, he was the top scorer of the 2019 Sierra Leone National Premier League with 15 goals for champions East End Lions.[1][2] He joined Swedish club Trelleborgs FF on a three-and-a-half year deal in August 2019, but cancelled his contract after a week, citing the cold weather in Sweden.[2]He retracted that statement the following day however, and insisted that he returned to Sierra Leone to play for the national team in the upcoming World Cup qualification fixtures.[3] [1] He transferred to Bo Rangers in April 2021

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