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Meet Mrs. Isatta Sisay: A Sierra Leonean community Health Champion saving lives in Sierra Leone

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Meet Mrs. Isatta Sisay: A Sierra Leonean community Health Champion saving lives in Sierra Leone
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Meet Mrs. Isatta Sisay a Sierra Leonean UK citizen who have devoted her life in saving lives in Sierra Leone.
Isatta was born born and raised in the UK but her love for Mama Salone is exceptional. She is married and blessed with beautiful children. Isata is a specialist nurse in cancer and palliative care and a passionate servant to humanity in Sierra Leone especially patients with cancer.
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Isatta Sisay established The Health Show platform  where she educates and sensitize the UK Sierra Leonean and Sierra Leone,Freetown community about cancer. She has single handedly supported many women with cancer and also donated school and learning materials to HYDA community at ECOWAS street. She has also been supporting children,youth and young people with scholarships including lunch and transportation.
As a mother filled with passion to serve humanity, Isatta has taught her children the importance of DOING GOOD and how they can contribute to their beloved country Sierra Leone. Her children are also supporting children within their age bracket with scholarship, school materials and wears.
When COVID-19 breakout and their were lockdowns in the UK and Sierra Leone, Isata and other Sierra Leoneans formed a team that was donating food and essential supplies.
In 2021, Isatta together with some friends and family members who believe in her cause raised funds and renovated a ward in Connaught specially where cancer patient are admitted, she also conducted trainings for nurses before the project was launched.
To get connected with Isatta, kindly follow her on all her platforms. She is very responsive and will be happy to talk to you.

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