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Reading: Meet Miss Enid Jones-Boston, the reigning Miss Salone
Reading: Meet Miss Enid Jones-Boston, the reigning Miss Salone

Meet Miss Enid Jones-Boston, the reigning Miss Salone

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Beresford Benjamin
By Beresford Benjamin 3 Min Read
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Meet Miss Enid Jones-Boston, the reigning Miss Salone, crowned as Miss Sierra Leone in September 2019 at the prestigious Bintumani Conference Centre in Freetown.

Amongst sixteen outstanding young women representing different districts, Enid, hailing from the Western Rural Area, stood out with her beauty, intelligence, and sweet personality, securing the crown in a captivating 6-hour televised competition.

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Born into a humble family in 1995 in Freetown, Enid has always been a bundle of joy to her parents. From a young age, her beauty and fashion sense were recognized by many, and her intelligence was admired by those around her. Pageantry wasn’t on her mind initially, but as compliments about her beauty and brilliance kept coming, she decided to give it a try.

Her journey in pageantry began with the Miss Annie Walsh School Beauty pageant in 2014, where she emerged as the first runner-up, followed by winning the title of Miss SHAMS the same year. Enid’s passion for pageantry continued to grow, and she participated in various pageants, including Miss IPAM and Miss University, earning multiple titles to her name.

Representing Sierra Leone in the Miss University Africa competition held in Nigeria, Enid showcased her grace and elegance on an international platform. She also had the opportunity to be part of the reality television show “Housemates Salone,” where she and her fellow housemates formed the group “Shukubly.” This fabulous group has been actively engaged in charity work, inspiring and supporting the youth across Freetown.

Despite facing criticism and judgment, they turned those stones thrown at them into building blocks to create a positive impact on the lives of marginalized youth.

Enid’s dedication, beauty, and brilliance have earned her the love and support of her country and beyond. She aspires to make a mark in the entertainment industry and believes that her qualities make her the perfect candidate to become the next Miss Sierra Leone.

With her unwavering determination and a heart full of dreams, Enid Jones-Boston is undoubtedly a shining star who can turn any situation into a heavenly one.

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