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Reading: Kori’s Paramount Chief Prohibits Free-Range Cattle Farming
Reading: Kori’s Paramount Chief Prohibits Free-Range Cattle Farming

Kori’s Paramount Chief Prohibits Free-Range Cattle Farming

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Paramount Chief
Paramount Chief

In a pivotal move addressing the persistent issue of cattle damaging local plantations, Paramount Chief Thomas B. Gbappi IV of Kori has declared a ban on Free-range rearing if cattles effective from 2024.

This decision aligns with the Operation Feed Salon Project, striving to bolster agricultural productivity and ensure food security in Sierra Leone.

Free-range rearing, a customary practice permitting cattle to roam freely adorned with bells or accessories, has deep roots in the region. However, the adverse impact on local plantations has prompted growing concerns among the community.

To safeguard agricultural resources and promote sustainable farming, Paramount Chief Thomas B. Gbappi IV has enforced the ban. The directive necessitates cattle owners in Kori Chiefdom to confine their animals, preventing free-roaming activities.

The announcement of the ban has sparked diverse reactions. Advocates support the chief’s decision, citing the need to shield local plantations and ensure stable food supplies. Conversely, some voice apprehensions about the ban’s potential repercussions on traditional practices and cattle owners’ livelihoods.

Representing Worrel owners in Kori chiefdom, Alhaji Abdullah Leigh, a Fulla chief, has appealed to the paramount chief, urging reconsideration of the ban. He underscores the cultural significance of cattle wearing and proposes alternative solutions like designated grazing areas.

Acknowledging Leigh’s concerns, Paramount Chief Thomas B. Gbappi IV assures the community of considering their viewpoints. He stresses the importance of striking a balance between preserving cultural traditions and ensuring sustainable agriculture.

As Kori Chiefdom gears up for the 2024 ban on cattle wearing, ongoing discussions and consultations between the paramount chief, community leaders, and cattle owners aim to find mutually agreeable solutions.

This ban marks a significant stride in safeguarding agricultural resources in Kori and supporting the Operation Feed Salon Project. The community eagerly anticipates the outcome of discussions that navigate the concerns of agricultural sustainability and cultural heritage in the Chiefdom.

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