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How Aberdeen Residents Turn Garbage to Money

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Residents of Aberdeen community in the west end of Freetown have embarked on recycling wastes, especially plastic bags, rubber bottles and aluminum cans to make money for themselves and their homes.

The move according to the residents, is part of their mission to tackle the problem of uncontrolled waste dumped in most parts of Sierra Leone, which has become a big challenge, especially for residents in riverine and beach areas.

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Visiting dustbins and dump sites to collect wastes, the residents, mostly young women and youth, are collecting plastics, rubber bottles and aluminum cans, processed them and sell them back to production companies working on plastic kittles, bowls and sleepers.

This exercise the residents say helps them to make money for themselves and their families.

Jeneba Bakarr is the Chairlady for the Aberdeen community. She said she has been working in the community. She said herself and other people have been engaged in the work of collecting and recycling wastes and that this has been putting food on their tables.

According to her, most of them have been able to use proceeds they make from selling recycled wastes to companies, and feed their families and meet school charges of their children.

Poor waste management according to Sierra Leone’s Environmental Protection Agency, contributes to climate change and air pollution, and directly affects many ecosystems and species.

Source: AYV

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