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Reading: Heart of Giving Children Foundation to Host Fundraising Dinner in Cyprus
Reading: Heart of Giving Children Foundation to Host Fundraising Dinner in Cyprus

Heart of Giving Children Foundation to Host Fundraising Dinner in Cyprus

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Beresford Benjamin
By Beresford Benjamin 4 Min Read
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Cyprus is gearing up for a heartwarming event as Mohamed Tejan Kamara, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Heart of Giving Children Foundation (HoGCF), announces the foundation’s first dinner scheduled for July 28th, 2023.

The event is dedicated to raising funds that will expand the foundation’s outreach to various regions in Sierra Leone, reflecting their steadfast commitment to bringing joy and support to underprivileged children and vulnerable communities.

Fondly known as “Opong” among many, Kamara has an illustrious background as a former Old Edwardians and Mighty Blackpool midfielder. Not only did he represent Sierra Leone’s senior national team, the Leone Stars, but he also pursued a successful football career in Europe, leaving a lasting impact on the field and in the hearts of fans.

Since the establishment of the Heart of Giving Children Foundation, the organization has been actively engaged in various philanthropic endeavors. Among their notable interventions, they have been providing educational materials to less-privileged children, empowering them with tools for a brighter future. A few months ago, the foundation came to the aid of fire and flood victims in Wilberforce Barracks and Quarry Community, Eastern Freetown. The timely assistance of bags of rice, bundles of used clothes, and sachets of water brought relief to the devastated beneficiaries who were overwhelmed by the foundation’s compassionate gesture.

The foundation’s reach extends beyond mere material aid. Recognizing the importance of education, they recently supported several children in Freetown who were preparing to take their Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). Understanding the challenges they faced during night studies, the foundation provided solar lights to facilitate their learning process. Additionally, their plans to construct a school in Kpadenbu village, Nomo Famma Chiefdom, Kenema District, Eastern Sierra Leone, further underscore their dedication to creating sustainable change in communities.

With the upcoming fundraising dinner in Cyprus, Mohamed Tejan Kamara extends a heartfelt appeal to Sierra Leoneans and other benevolent individuals of different nationalities based in Cyprus to grace the occasion. Tickets for the event are now available, and the proceeds will be channeled towards saving the lives of vulnerable children and less-privileged individuals. Kamara passionately asserts that his commitment to giving back to his country remains unwavering, and this event serves as a stepping stone in fulfilling that promise.

The Moments Hall Larnaca will be the venue for this noble gathering, where compassion and generosity will blend seamlessly. The Heart of Giving Children Foundation’s fundraising dinner promises to be an evening filled with hope, joy, and unity as attendees come together to support a cause that touches the lives of the most vulnerable in Sierra Leone. As the date approaches, the anticipation and excitement for this event continue to grow, as it signifies not just an evening of philanthropy but a beacon of hope for those in need.

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