From Student Leadership To Becoming The Youngest Member of Parliament In Namibia And The Youngest In Africa: The true Life Story Of Patience Masua

Abu Bakarr Jalloh
Abu Bakarr Jalloh
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Yayah S Sesay
Yayah S Sesay
Patience Masua is unarguably the youngest parliamentarian in Africa and the youngest member of parliament in Namibia. And as a woman, this is symbolic of the progress of women.

Patience Masua was born in Namibia, Gobais, Omaheke, on January 7, 1999. Her family moved to the capital of Windhoek at age 2. She had her primary education at Kleine Professor College, which did not reach due completion because of a sudden transfer by her parents.

Therefore, Patience Masua moved to Suiderhof Primary School and thereafter Delta Secondary School in Windhoek. Throughout her time, Masua showed exceptional character, which elevated her to the post of Deputy Head Girl in the Learners Representative Council (LRC).

Patience’s university days were quite eventful. She was actively involved in mainstream student politics and activism on issues bothering the university. This, Patience championed through her newspaper opinion pieces and then acting as Faculty Representative for the University of Namibia, Faculty of Law, in the student union.

Patience Masua would then contest for the position of Speaker of Student Parliament of the University’s Students’ Representative Council (SRC) eventually winning it in 2019. Subsequently, she served as Secretary-General for the National Students Organization (NANSO).

Patience is a bonafide debater as well. She participated in debate competitions in 2016, taking part in the fifth Annual Model United Nations High School Conference, winning the best school award with her team members. That same year, she participated in a debate in Botswana for the Orate Africa Debate Championships.

Patience Masua is an aspiring Human Rights lawyer who wishes to create policies focus


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