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Reading: “Art Beats & Chimpanzee”: Freetown Street Art & Music Festival Unveils Groundbreaking Crowdfunding Conservation Campaign
Reading: “Art Beats & Chimpanzee”: Freetown Street Art & Music Festival Unveils Groundbreaking Crowdfunding Conservation Campaign

“Art Beats & Chimpanzee”: Freetown Street Art & Music Festival Unveils Groundbreaking Crowdfunding Conservation Campaign

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The Freetown Street Art & Music Festival is breaking new ground with the unveiling of its groundbreaking initiative, “Art Beats & Chimpanzee.” This innovative crowdfunding campaign is set to revolutionize the intersection of art, music, and conservation by harnessing the power of creativity to protect endangered chimpanzees.


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Press Release for Crowdfunding


Freetown, Sierra Leone – Imagine a world where every brushstroke and every melody saves a life. The Freetown Street Art & Music Festival proudly announces the launch of “Art Beats & Chimpanzee,” a pioneering crowdfunding campaign that marries the vibrancy of street art and music with the critical cause of chimpanzee conservation. Beginning Eid, 2024, this campaign aims to ignite a global movement of artivism, transforming artistic expression into a powerful tool for environmental stewardship.

A Unique Fusion of Creativity and Conservation

“Art Beats & Chimpanzee” is more than a campaign; it’s a groundbreaking initiative that seeks to inspire change through the universal languages of art and music. With a targeted goal of £5,000, the campaign is dedicated to supporting the artistic community and bolstering vital conservation efforts to protect Sierra Leone’s national animal – chimpanzee

Direct Impact and Tangible Support

The funds raised will directly contribute to a dual cause: enabling artists to shine a spotlight on environmental issues while actively engaging in the conservation of chimpanzees. “Every contribution, big or small, brings us closer to creating a sustainable future for our planet and showcases the power of collective action,” the festival organiser’s explain. The £5,000 goal is earmarked for essential conservation activities, artist support, and ensuring the festival serves as a catalyst for awareness, engagement, and action.

Hear from Those at the Heart of the Movement

Local artist and conservation advocate, Aminata Bocakarie, shares, “This festival is a platform for us to unite our voices for those who cannot speak for themselves – the majestic chimpanzees of our forests. Through our art, we narrate their stories, hoping to inspire a wave of change.” Aminata’s work, along with that of many others, symbolises the festival’s mission to use art as a beacon for conservation.

Engage, Inspire, and Conserve

We invite you to join this extraordinary fusion of art, music, and activism. By supporting “Art Beats & Chimpanzee,” you’re not just backing any campaign; you’re championing a cause that extends far beyond the event itself. Visit to be a part of this transformative journey. Your support is an investment in our shared future, ensuring that art and music continue to be powerful allies in the fight to protect Earth’s incredible wildlife and landscapes.

About the Freetown Street Art & Music Festival

The Freetown Street Art & Music Festival is an annual celebration that brings together creativity, culture, and community in the heart of Sierra Leone. By showcasing diverse artistic talents and fostering a sense of community through art and music, the festival aims to celebrate Freetown’s rich cultural heritage while promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness.

For more information on how to contribute to the “Art Beats & Chimpanzee” campaign, please visit our crowdfunding page at, or contact us directly at | WhatsApp: +447375262983.

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Freetown Street Art & Music Festival
WhatsApp: +447375262983

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