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Reading: Concerned Citizen Urges President Bio to Prioritize Technocrats and Indigenous Businesses
Reading: Concerned Citizen Urges President Bio to Prioritize Technocrats and Indigenous Businesses

Concerned Citizen Urges President Bio to Prioritize Technocrats and Indigenous Businesses

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In a heartfelt open letter addressed to President Bio, Michael Ibrahim Kallon, a Sierra Leonean entrepreneur and founder of the Mish Kay Products- Michael Kay Signature Connect LTD expressed his concerns and suggestions regarding the appointment reshuffle in Sierra Leone.

As a concerned citizen, Kallon urged the President to prioritize the inclusion of technocrats who possess a genuine love for their country. He believed that these individuals would be less likely to engage in corrupt practices such as bribery or political favoritism.

Kallon also emphasized the importance of avoiding the appointment of individuals who may be influenced by business interests that could conflict with the well-being of the nation. Instead, he proposed supporting local commercial banks to empower indigenous businesses and promote economic growth within Sierra Leone.

Furthermore, Kallon implored the President not to select individuals who may be inclined to abandon their responsibilities and seek refuge abroad. He stressed that this was a critical moment for the nation to come together and build a stronger Sierra Leone, and it required committed individuals who were dedicated to its progress.

One of the issues Kallon highlighted was the delay and manipulation of government policies by some senior civil servants for personal gain. This not only undermined the efforts of Ministers but also discouraged genuine investors. To address this, Kallon recommended selecting technocrats based on merit rather than party affiliation.

Additionally, Kallon suggested empowering indigenous business people to take the lead in importation and exportation of goods and services. This would help stimulate local economic growth and create more opportunities for Sierra Leoneans.

Kallon also called for a review of labor laws in Sierra Leone. While acknowledging that some citizens may exhibit laziness at work, he highlighted the mistreatment they often faced in their workplaces, including low wages and tax evasion. He expressed concern about foreigners replacing Sierra Leoneans in the name of expertise and casual labor, emphasizing the need for fair treatment and equal opportunities for all citizens.

Furthermore, Kallon expressed his disappointment that a significant portion of the country’s revenue was directed towards foreign contractors without substantial improvements in infrastructure or the well-being of citizens. He called for genuine investors who could help establish housing estates, shopping malls, entertainment centers, and reliable electricity. These investors should also be responsible for overseeing payment collection to ensure transparency and accountability.

In closing, Kallon thanked President Bio for his attention and prayed for his wisdom in overcoming any challenges he may face. He emphasized that the President’s legacy would have a profound impact on future generations, urging him to consider the suggestions put forth in the letter for the betterment of Sierra Leone.

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