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Reading: Bo City Council Announces Major Partnership With Seso Global and Track Your Build
Reading: Bo City Council Announces Major Partnership With Seso Global and Track Your Build

Bo City Council Announces Major Partnership With Seso Global and Track Your Build

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Bo City Council
Bo City Council

The Bo City Council has announced a major partnership with Seso Global and Track Your Build on Monday to revolutionize property management in the city.

This initiative aims to create a block property registry and conduct a citywide drone survey, fostering a more efficient and transparent system for residents and investors.

“This alliance marks a significant step in our commitment to modernize infrastructure and streamline processes for the benefit of our citizens,” said Mayor Kobba Musa. “Over the next six months, the consortium will embark on a multifaceted project.”

The project will involve several key components:

Data Capture: A comprehensive data collection effort will be undertaken to create a detailed inventory of all properties within Bo City. This will serve as the foundation for future initiatives and provide transparent access to property information, stimulating real estate investment and private sector development.

Blockchain Property Registry: Seso Global, a leading blockchain software company, will leverage its expertise to develop a secure and tamper-proof property registry. This innovative platform will serve as a central repository for property titles and ownership information, ensuring the accuracy and authenticity of records.

Smart Property Beacons: Every property in Bo City will be equipped with a smart beacon containing a QR code. This will enable seamless property management, reduce boundary disputes, and enhance security.

Standardized Addressing System: Recognizing the importance of a proper addressing system, the consortium will collaborate to develop a robust framework for addressing properties within the city. This will not only simplify navigation and logistics but also lay the groundwork for future urban planning efforts.

Mayor Musa emphasized the partnership’s focus on innovation and progress. “By harnessing the power of technology, we aim to enhance transparency, efficiency, and accountability in property management, ultimately enriching the lives of our citizens,” he stated.

This initiative has been met with enthusiasm from all parties involved.

Daniel Bloch, CEO of Seso UK Ltd said: “We are excited to use our expertise to implement our blockchain solution and transform Bo’s property administration capabilities. This can serve as a global model for fostering trust and transparency in real estate transactions.”

Samuel Nonie, COO of Track Your Build SL Ltd said: “Track Your Build is thrilled to partner with the Bo City Council and Seso Global. Our GIS and geospatial analysis expertise will contribute to a modernized property management system that benefits all Bo City residents.”

This project has the potential to significantly improve property management in Bo City, making it more efficient, transparent, and secure. It can also pave the way for increased real estate investment and a more prosperous future for the city.

Bo City Council Announces Major Partnership With Seso Global and Track Your Build

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