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5 things to do while searching for a Job (1)

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By: Massah Esther Nyally Bockarie

5 things to do while searching for a Job (1)

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Ever been on a journey with no knowledge of the time of arrival at your destination? The wait or search for a job after graduation could go on for days, weeks, months and unfortunately for some years.

“Year five” as my friends and I call it, can be a source of frustration and if one isn’t careful, you get overwhelmed with hopelessness.

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The wait doesn’t have to be as antagonizing. There is much that can be done and learned while searching for a job or postgraduate degree. And this solution doesn’t cost so much money (night kolas come in handy) and you’re only required to have a smartphone. A computer comes in handy as well.

Free courses sit on the web waiting for someone to come and devour them.

The best place to start on any topic is YouTube. There are over twenty billion videos on this site, on different topics and subjects. During those times, when I had to pass mathematics in college, I remember turning to Professor Leonard and the Chemistry Tutor. The result was outstanding.

Youtube is totally free, and I know you have to deal with ads but they are not as frequent or disturbing as Facebook’s 😂😂

While on Youtube, I personally recommend you subscribe to Ted and Tedx Talks, Ted Education, Crash Course and SNL🤣🤣🤣 the last one is non-educational.

If you’re on my status, you know I’m a sucker for Coursera. You can learn many things on Coursera. You’ll have to pay for the certificate sadly. However, you can “audit” which allows you to go through the course without paying anything. Some assignments and quizzes are blocked, but you won’t mind (lazy student).…

Allison’s online courses are also dope and free. Unlike Coursera that has more STEM courses, Allison has several courses for those in the Arts.…

Edx and Skillshare are also hubs for online courses. I tried using Skillshare once but, damm I had to pay money 🤣🤣🤣 I left.

Slideshare and LinkedIn Learn also offer free educational courses. LinkedIn requires a fee for certain courses, but there are many free options as well.…

Primer is one of my personal favorites. Most of the mini-courses can be completed in five minutes. They have a legion of materials for resume building, job search, and more.

I outline some of the courses I had taken from each of these platforms, plus a study plan 😎😎

Let me get your comments on other sites I could add in the book.

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