19-Year-Old Most Followed Sierra Leonean Tik Toker In Liberia, Find Out Why

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Most followed Sierra Leonean Tik toker
Peter AA Komba Sierra Leonean Tiktoker
Most followed Sierra Leonean Tik toker

By: Mohamed Ebong Kome


19-Year-Old Most Followed Sierra Leonean Tik Toker Attends Liberia Entertainment Awards

19-year-old most-followed Sierra LeoneanTik-Tikor, Brand influencer, content creator, and student of the Institute of Public Administration and Management studying business and finance is currently in Liberia to attend the Liberia Entertainments Award

Peter aa komba in liberia
Peter AA Komba in Liberia, with a Liberian blogger and Jacob the Therapist

Laughter was the medicine of choice this year, and African creators did their part in healing the masses.

TikTok, the video and music sharing social media app taking over the lives of those young and old, has been this year’s ultimate tool for connecting with the global communities. The app was initially released in 2016 but gained major popularity in 2019. With the rise in popularity came scrutiny, as creators of color and those not from Western countries found that their content and voices were being silenced, blackballed, and often times removed for no reason at all. More often than not, the popular dances, trends, and sounds came from the minds of the TikTok population who were then given little to no credit or attention for their creativity. And a year and a half after TikTok’s formal apology to the Black creators on their app, not much has changed.


Twenty twenty-one, however, saw Sierra Leonean and Black TikTok creators take the app to greater measures than ever seen before. Sierra Leonean Tik Toker, influencer, content creator, and Twin brother.  Peter AA Komba is currently the most followed TikTok creator, sitting at a cool 2 million followers plus. Peter released his first Tik Tok Video in February 2020, however, Peter AA Komba recorded his viral video on November 18th, 2020, he came to the limelight after his second video challenge called Duduke challenge with a unique dance step that went viral on Tik Tok. The duduke’s song that went viral on Tiktok was sung by a popular Nigerian female artiste called simi after dancing to Duduke mix with unique steps. This challenge helps him to gain millions of followers and likes in 2021. Peter AA Komba is currently regarded as the most followed Tiktoker in Sierra Leone.

Short biography of Peter AA Komba

Born in Freetown, Peter AA Komba attended the john f Kennedy. He is currently enrolled that the Institute of Public Administration and Management studying business and finance


@peteraakombaMy love for this sound🔥📌 #foryou #fyp #viral #tiktok♬ I’m coming home

Peter currently serves as Ambassadors for Bet Salone limited and other companies in the country.  Some of his short most-watched videos include dunduk remix challenge, am coming home challenge, big thug boys challenge, Jennifer challenge, Benzema challenge, Peter AA Komba coming home challenge won the best tik tok in Sierra Leone in 2021,

more videos from Liberia


@peteraakombaI tried this dance 😆 ##viral ##fypシ ##foryou ##tiktok♬ ZaZoo Zehh – Pocolee





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