Young Man Behind The Fuel Free Generator Gifted Customized Bread By A Baker In Sierra Leone

Young Man Behind The Fuel Free Generator Gifted Customized Bread By A Baker In Sierra Leone

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A young Sierra Leonean inventor from Sierra Leone Mamadu Ndulador Bah, who built the fuel free generator has taken on his Twitter account to share epic photo of baker who gift him a bread with his company name on it, the baker did so to thank Mamadu for his invention, he presented the gift to Mamadu at his resident. Taking on his social media, he said “A baker gifted me a bread this morning with my name on it.BNM”

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Born on the 25th of July, 2002 at Calaba Town, Sierra Leone. Mamadu Ndulador Bah is a Sierra Leonean inventor that invented a fuel-free generator that uses no fuel, water, oil, sun-power, and CO2 -free.

 Mamadu Ndulador Bah attended the Bassa Town Primary School, Waterloo. He later furthered his Junior Secondary School at the Lorenzo Gorve Memorial Secondary School where he sat to his Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). After completing his Juinor Secondary, he later moved to Ahamadiyya Muslim Senior Secondary School where he sat to his West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

 Mamadu Ndulador Bah’s initial dream was to become a pilot but later dropped his dream due to the unavailability of Aviation Schools in Sierra Leone, and support to further his education. At the age of nine, Mamadu started innovation. In 2012, he was watching a movie titled ‘Merlin’ when their generator eventually went off at the interesting scene of the movie due to a lack of fuel. Mamadu became frustrated as he went to his room and began to think if it’s possible for him to do something extraordinary like creating a fuel-free generator. The journey to invent a fuel-free generator began. He asked colleagues and family members if it’s possible to make a fuel-free generator, and their reply was “no.” They told him a black man cannot do it, let alone a black man from Sierra Leone. They told him only a white man can because they have the platform.

He didn’t let those words pull him down. In 2015, during the Ebola epidemic, he invented his first fuel-free generator prototype but it had noise and produced CO2.  So he decided to invent a fuel-free generator that is free from CO2 and noise pollution – which he invented this year using most of his ‘no school’ time working on the generator during the Corona pandemic

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