Idrissa Barry Jalloh is a Sierra Leonean filmmaker, digital artist, and creative entrepreneur, that create visual effects, motion, and steel graphics for movies, TV commercials, events, companies, founder of the Academy of Motion Pictures and Art Ltd, and Founder and Executive Director of the National Film Awards born on the 23rd of July 1995 in Makeni, Northern part of Sierra Leone to Sierra Leonean parents. He is currently the senior Graphics Editor at the Africa Young Voices Media Empire.

Idrissa Barry Jalloh in Photo Learning editing in Makeni after watching YouTube Tutorials

Born in Makeni and raised in Kenema and Freetown, Jalloh later moved to Kenema where he attended the St Charles Luwanga Primary School Kenema and proceeded to the Government Secondary School Kenema, where he sat to his WASSCE. He furthered to Silicon Pro College of ICT Freetown and also went to the creative land school of media and art Ghana and also Obasanjo youth and skills acquisition college Newton. He is a certified Adobe Expert from Adobe Creative Cloud. He lectures graphics at Competency College of Technology in Freetown. Barry recently completed an entertainment entrepreneurship course at Lynda Online University.

Idrissa Barry Jalloh photo in Ghana during a short film training with creative land

At a very young age, he fell in love with graphics design while watching a movie, he always wanted to make science fiction movies like Matrix. Inspired by Tyler Perry, a Hollywood filmmaker, and entrepreneur, idrissa Barry Jalloh took on the journey of film making.

At age 16, Barry moved to Freetown where he thought he could finally realize his truest potential in filmmaking because of the opportunities available. While in Freetown, he came in contact with a friend who knew a bit about graphics design and the internet. His friend helped him with some tutorials. His career in graphics design started from there, and he continued learning online on e-learning platforms especially YouTube.

Idriisa Brry Jalloh in a photo in Liberia covering Ecowas Coference

Barry started his career professionally at the teenager of seventeen; when he started releasing some of his hand works. His creativity, humility for his colleagues, authority, and his clients coupled with his powerful techniques for visual effects have bought him space even at the international scene. Barry creates many visual graphics design including steel graphics and creator title sequences for TV’s, events, and films. He works with software like 3D, After Effects, almost all the Adobe Software packages. He uses mostly the major graphics design software packages.  He has participated in many forms of production and has greatly influenced the visual effects industry with his innovative skills. His story is an inspiring tale and his influence in the industry is truly incredible. At just twenty years of age, Barry began working on big projects like TV commercials, television graphics design, documentaries, short films, and full-length movies. His work has an enormous online presence which led to project collaborations with major companies including directors and editors. Jalloh continues to release exciting graphics that are greatly influencing the visual effects community. He has undertaken a good number of major After Effects projects in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, and beyond. He served as per time Graphics and VFX editor for Life By Design Limited. He served as the Assistant Graphics Editor for the first edition of Big Sister Sierra Leone in 2018. Head of production and graphics media-tel Monrovia Liberia. Official graphics editor National Entertainment Awards Sierra Leone 2019. Official graphics editor Faces of the Northern Entertainment Awards Sierra Leone 2019 and lead graphics editor Miss University Sierra Leone, 2019. He was head of graphics and production at Finnex Pro Ltd Freetown. Prime Assistant Editor and Camera Operator Ipro Multimedia Freetown Sierra Leone. Per time Computer tutor at the Light Centre Ministry All Skilled Programme Monrovia, Liberia. Head of graphics and VFX AYV media empire 2018-present.  Graphics and VFX editor Housemate Salone reality TV show from 2018 and to current. His interesting visual effects style and unconventional humor intrigued viewers of his powerful techniques for visual effects that were comprehensive and entertaining made him attain the head of graphics at the biggest media houses in Sierra Leone, the African Young Voices Media Empire as the Head of Graphics. A position he attained because of his techniques and what he is capable of handling as a professional graphics editor. As it is, almost all of the content aired by the AYV TV must have his touch. 

Recognizing Sierra Filmmakers

He founded the Sierra Leone National Film Awards (NFA)  to annually recognize excellence among professionals and non-professionals who have contributed to the Sierra Leone film industry. NFA also facilitates the development and showcases the social relevance of Sierra Leone cinema from filmmakers across the globe. NFA is an annual celebration of the brightest and the best in Sierra Leone movie. It is the biggest gathering of movie makers across the country and the Diaspora. The awards aimed at honoring and promoting excellence in the Sierra Leone movie industry as well as uniting Sierra Leoneans through arts and culture.  It celebrates excellence in the Sierra Leone Movie industry.  NFA also encourages professionalism in filmmaking and also offers professional development and networking opportunities. The award presentation will be attended by numerous media representatives, celebrities, politicians, journalists, actresses, and actors from all across the world. The NFA Awards are widely considered to be Sierra Leone’s most important film event and the most prestigious award in Sierra Leone.

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