Breaking! SLFA Stabbing Victim Victor Lewis’s Father Dies Suddenly.

By: Mohamed Kamara

“I can only sum it up as a broken heart over the shocking news of his son’s stabbing,” a family representative said of Victor Lewis’s father’s death.

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His son was stabled in the neck and head a few days ago and in a difficult condition. Now, he’s gone, without saying goodbye to his son.

Mr. Alfred Woke Binbinsara Lewis, the father of SLFA stabbing victim, has died. He collapsed on Monday, 3 days after his son was stabbed. The father, had been struggling with the stabbing of his child who is responsible for his care and basics needs, a family source said.

Victor Lew’s father’s death, so soon after his son’s stabbing, underscores the trauma and stressors faced by families who are touched by violence. It is impossible to know if Victor Lewis’s father died of what is called broken heart syndrome, or Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, but a statement posted by a family representative addressed the ripple effects on a family and community after a terrible incident such as the SLFA stabbing.

The father death comes days after Victor Lewis was moved to another hospital over the weekend as condition worsens amid reports that Rodney Michael and others attempted to free the attacker from Police custody.

The Football Association was plunged into violence last week during a clash between a delegate Victor Lewis and a supporter of Mohammed Kallon and Rodney Michael during the SLFA nominations for candidates vying for executive positions in the elective congress which will be held on the 27th February 2021.  In the ensuing violence, the chairman of East End Tigers FC Victor Lewis was stabbed in the head and neck.

The attacker has been identified as Augustine Kambo, an Executive member of Central Parade FC and he is currently in police custody. Sierra Leone former Inter Milan striker Mohammed Kallon, Lawyer Emmanuel Abdulai Saffa and gambling agent Rodney Michael who reportedly blamed for the stabbing attack.

Many people have criticised the police handing of the situation. Sources say the alleged accomplices to the crime, Mercury journalist Hawa Dauda, and parliamentarian Hon. Samba are yet to be called for police questioning.



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