Help: 12-Year-Old Disabled Child Without Wheelchair And Dream. The Story Of Sonita Kamara

The need to mainstream disability in society has been well articulated at global, regional and national levels. It is widely recognized that such efforts can only be realized if statistics on disability



By: Activist Mohamed Kailie mkailie2017@gmail.com #030746442 See the cark on their faces! On the street ‘bra yu bobor dae o’ their voices. To some it’s a means of survival As their eyes


I Am Not Your Ex

I’m not him.  I know I’m not… But I’ve loved you… For as long as I can remember.  I don’t know how else to say it. I once promised you that when


A slave of my thoughts

My freedom is not free I’m a slave of my thoughts. I fluctuate between decorated flaws as I was taught to believe that opportunities come in numerous folds. I was to stroked


Homeless Children

By: Abubakarr Momoh Sesay & Hawa Humunatu Kuyateh They are homeless!They live on the streets of cities, towns and villages,Dwellings and wastelands have become their livelihood for ages,They strive for food,for we have no memory


I am thinking

By: Mohamed Dauda KamaraJournalist In Makeni I am thinking, when last I saw my mummyWith her beautiful face used to rub my head whenever I cried for a dummy I am thinking