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By: Rima Turay

I turned around and saw my mom, her eyes gloomy like that of an August sky.

“Mom!” I yelled with all the strength I could muster while the huge man dragged me away. Why wasn’t my mother saying anything or pull me away from this stranger, my body quiver, was I being sold? Am I being kidnapped? So many questions ran through my mind as I fought in protest of freeing myself.

“Shut up, you’re too noisy” the man roared.

“Let me go!” I squealed, suddenly feeling the effect of his grip.

He pushed me inside the van and told a young boy to tie me up, I kicked the boy and opened the door to run away when I felt a cold blow on the back of my head as everything went black.

I woke up suddenly as I felt something wet on my face, “Here, take this” a voice said, I was still trying to get a hold of the environment, “where am I?” I muttered.

The boy that I kicked earlier smiled and then I saw he has a missing tooth which he hid suddenly upon seeing my face, he took the water and a medicine, held out his hand and repeated, “here, take this”

I inspect the medicine carefully contemplating if I should take it, “it’s just pain killers and you’re at my boss’s house”

What? The strange man is his boss?

He gave me the medicine again and I took it this time without questioning.

“My boss is a nice man if you do what he tells you” he said.

“I was dragged here and knocked out, that doesn’t seem nice” I said now furious thinking about my mother.

“Aziz! Go and feed the chickens” the loud voice came again, the boy excused himself.

A man about 6’5 entered the room, I suddenly grew scared, his aura was terrifying.

“You little girl! You’re already enough trouble” he roared.

“Then let me go” I pleaded.

“I don’t want you here either, but you’ll work for me until you pay your father’s debt” the man said coldly

My father died three months ago so how Is he owing this stranger?

“Since your father couldn’t pay his debt before his death you’ll pay for it with hard work if you want to see your mother then you have to really work hard”

Wait! I was sent here to work for this man called boss to pay my dead father’s debt? Wow!

During the next few weeks at my captive’s house all I did was try to escape, that wasn’t so helpful as I only broke stuff adding to the debt and it was futile as I was caught several times and severely beaten up whilst told to behave, in the course of a month I decided to submit to my fate and just work for this Boss man, pay my father’s debt so I could see my mom again.

It took exactly two years to pay off the debt but I was already accustomed to hard work so instead of going home, I joined the street to seek a better life since my mom didn’t really care and just left me in the hands of a stranger.

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