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Popular Radio Show Host “Dr. Love” launched the first Sierra Leonean US-based Watchmaking Company

Yulisa Ahmadu popularly known as 'Doctor Love' for his love program, The

After five years in prison: Meet the young lawyers who gave pro bono service for the release of Coke N Gin.

Five years ago, Sierra Leonean rapper Mohamed Lamin Kamara with the stage

From heart diagnosis in 2016 to score two goals against Nigeria: The Journey of Alhaji Kamara

The Man! The Machine! The Terminator! Alhaji Kamara was born  16th April,

How an Egyptian Doctor is helping women in Sierra Leone with 10-days free medical check-up

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Aziz Abdel Moneim El-Zayat is an Egyptian obstetrician, gynecologist,