What This Sierra Leonean Nurse Did In Falaba District will Schock You

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Internet Users React As Nurse  Photo Go Viral For defying Flood Water To Reach Patients in Falaba District

A photo of Sierra Leonean woman, Baltenneh Marrah in Falaba District has gone viral for her selfless service to humanity.

Baltenneh Marrah got the attention of internet users  when a photo of her defying flood water to reach her patients in Falaba District surface the internet.

The photo was taken by Ministry of Health and has got the attention of internet users as they celebrate her for risking her life to reach her patients.

A nurse, Baltenneh Marrah, defies flood water to reach her patients.

Taking on social media, renowned Sierra Leonean blogger Ishmael Sallieu Koroma took to his Facebook page to celebrate the nurse

“These are the people worthy of awards; they are the ones to be brand ambassadors. Let’s celebrate people that contribute and sacrifice for others not some sort of mediocrity.

She is Baltenneh Marrah, a nurse in Falaba District🇸🇱 fighting through a flooded path inorder to administer vaccines in a remote/isolated community. 👏👏👏

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