Traditional Folk Singer Fantacee Wiz sets to release her first ever EP “ Karu Kura”

Sallu Kamuskay Sallu
Sallu Kamuskay Sallu
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Multiple award-winning traditional folk singer Fantacee Wiz is set to release her first-ever Album EP titled Karo Karo which means new Moon in Korankoh and Mandingo, her most anticipated album/EP embraces her sexuality as an African Woman where Patriarchy is deeper than the Atlantic Ocean.

Over the years, Fantacee Wix has been activist using her voice to advocate against social issues and issues affecting women, her coming into the entertainment industry and the path she choose brought so many odds and bashing at her over the years, despite of the numerous challenge’s, Fanatacee Wiz Neber gave up, she continued to embrace her sexuality as an African Woman where Patriarchy is deeper than the Atlantic Ocean.

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“This journey hasn’t been easy, the uncertainty between what is it and what it has to be was hanging like a cliffhanger but there’s nothing I’ll rather be but me.” She told Salone Messenger, a global multimedia and public relations firm based in Sierra Leone during an interview on her yet to be release EP


Fantacee Wiz in her soon to be release EP set out and reaffirm her commitment to what she loves doing

“This is me saying I’ll have to live my truth and live it all. This is me and it’s a beginning of many things.” She added

Fantacee Wiz is a multiple award-winning traditional folk singer from Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Fantacee began music as a member of the Voice of Children on UN Radio. She later joined a music group called Freetong Players International. Fantacee was appointed UNDP peace Ambassador during the 2007 Presidential and Parliamentary elections and the 2008 local government elections.

In 2011 she founded a music group called Sierra Unity Playas while in college studying ICT at SiliconPro. Fantacee has done a couple of campaigns such as ‘Say No To Rape’ and ‘stop Violence Against Women’.


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