The Journey Of A Migrant: Temple Run Episode 7; The Returnees

The Journey of a Migrant: Temple Run Episode 7 The Returnees

The Journey Of A Migrant: Temple Run Episode 7; The Returnees

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The Returnees


It has been years since Isatu and other migrant arrived in Libya, they have seen many injustices and abused of human right, the sales of human body parts, unjustified hostage of migrant by private prison owners, and how she has been traded as prostituted, all this inhuman treatment call for the attention of goodwill ambassadors humanitarian and the entire Africa to call for a peaceful resolution in those countries.

men became drug addicted and couldn’t make their way forward neither to fund their return, migrant who volunteer to retuned where supported by the IOM in collaboration with it partners across Africa are playing agitated role to end this many suffering of young people in Africa with support from the resident’s government, and INGO not limited to European Union.

The existence of this institution has straightened hope for voluntary return.

In a volunteer safe home in Niger Migrant were discussing about how they have spent years in prison and talked about the many urgent problems they left behind; economic crisis, poverty and the little liabilities they own to their families and community.

Since there is life there is hope, we will not forgive ourselves if we do not choose to return, there is two success stories, we should be happy to be class B of that story, for those who cross successfully they are also survivors for those who die in the desert and the Mediterranean Sea they paid for there own grave, we should have likewise be one of them today, thanks be to the lord because we are Survivors; grandma told me that it better to Walk for nothing than to sit for nothing.

We can talk about Life in the middle east of Africa, we have experienced a conflict environment and how life look like in a conflict environment, we have learnt about environmental and climate crisis in these countries literally our country is rich in terms of having a safer environment, fresh water and many natural fruit Dorretta thought for a while.

As the discussion continue, they talk about the bad picture that Libya has left in their mind, after all majority of we the women where force into prostitution why men are forced into force labour and Morden slavery.


However, Isatu is one of the many Migrants who are victim of lending urge sum without repaying the debit with the hope that she will reach Europe and make more money and repay back the person in excess, but this didn’t work yet she said thank you God for accepting me back to my home.


This night was sweet and bitter for all the Migrant everyone has lost something and everyone learnt a lesson.


That’s night men were at their own department and were also discussing about what they have left behind, in their country and what they have come accrossed and now they will be going back to their various places they called home.


Each time the past of the past enters into the present and the future so success become unpredictable. years spent in Libya has allowed the past entering into the future Joseph can still don’t belief that he will be returning back to his country.


There have been many social challenges coming and going from the mindsets of all volunteer returnee one key one is settling their financial liability with the community in which they are living, another one is some will be forever displaced person as Kai said, after reaching to Freetown I will not be going over to Bo, until I have a start in life or hopefully will find some where in the North to start a new beginning.


The IOM, Migrant As Messengers, European Union and government partners has successfully plan programs that will be reducing their many social burnings that burns in the heart of Migrant like a fire through the Volunteer Return and Reintegration program.


The next morning voluntary returnees left form Nige with the IOM team and were flew back into their various country and migrant from Sierra Leone were not an exemption to this program that help Isatu, Dorretta and many other young people to enjoy a safe return trip and programs are been put in place so that these migrants will engage in various activities not excluding entrepreneurship, and career learning.

Upon arrival to Sierra Leone Isatu, Dorretta and other migrant were given transportation fair and smart mobile phones and the same time the Social Welfare Ministry has supported migrant who are indebted and reintegrate them in their various community, expect Kai who choose a new beginning at the north of Sierra Leone, evidence-based result show that many other returnees who pay their way back couldn’t benefit from this opportunity and many are suffering to start a new beginning.

Spending time around North of Africa thought me a lesson about French speaking country this people are heartless and very wicked in their home country, Monico said bitterly after a WhatsApp post made by a French WhatsApp group member at EYES-SL WhatsApp group, the post was talking abort an invitation to a youth summit to be hosted in Nigeria and were inviting participance across Africa but since it was led by a French country Monico has to reflet back his memories on what he and many other migrant went through, this flash back in the memory of Monico led him to express his dissatisfactions with the French speaking countries not excluding Guinea   who recently host 32 of our country citizens as rebels, until very recently after they were release after Coup Mamady Doumbouya overthrown H.E President Alpha Conde by the gun with his view of persistence increased in prices of food stuffs and promoting tribalism in the country, this sad event literally threaten the enter Africa continent and has also contributed to irregular Migration in that part of Africa.

The AU initially disagreed with him Coup Mamady Doumbouya and request for immediate reinstatement of civil rule sadly he has been sown in as an interim President.

There is a need for Africa to go back to the drawing board to know weather democracy is the answer to the many problems in Africa or a cause to all these problems.

As ARTBOX System is a recommended solution to end irregular migration as it helped excess in oversea to become accesses in Africa allowing and ensuring sustainable smart and circle economic for local solution.

What will be the fate of Dorretta and many returnees’ migrant?

Episode 7

Sarah in Europe

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