The Journey Of A Migrant: Episode Eight, Sarah In Europe

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Mohamed Mansaray Mansaray
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The Journey Of A Migrant: Episode Eight, Sarah In Europe
The Journey Of A Migrant: Episode Eight, Sarah In Europe

The Journey Of A Migrant: Episode Eight, Sarah In Europe

 Sarah in Europe

Journey of a migrant: The most important thing in this earthly life is achieving goals pointed out no matter the root to that success because there is no sweet story about the life of successful men. Bill who was once the world richest millionaire has his own odds about life, today he is an author for some inspiring stories. Tony Elumelu who served today as the father of Africa entrepreneurs once experienced a bitter aspect of life. Today, he is changing the life of thousands of young people in Africa by supporting their startups idea each year.

There is a reality that Africa is indeed in war with its economy, my concerned is who is responsible? is it the state men who are few or those who are reinstating these people? Yes hopefully we are the problems to these many disappointment as youth trade their right during political race.

This sad situation in the political atmosphere has create panic in majority of its young citizens into irregular migration.

Sarah after spending three years in the Sahara Desert in the middle east has succeeded in the struggle in the desert and the swimming race in the Mediterranean Sea, she must have been lucky to meet a timely sea rescue ship from Italy, Sarah enter Europe half in the world and half in the other world she couldn’t be herself for three days after when she was rescue at the sea until serious involvement of medical expert and the used of sophisticated medical technology to bring her back to life.

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Immediately after she came to herself, she shouted help! Help! Upon opening her eyes, she saw herself in the midst of white folks dress in a full medical uniform with no face view, she smiled and said I have made to heaven.

To made her regain her memory a psychologist and some other social worker took her to a pool, and violently push her from the side upon struggling to swimming she raise her eyes off the water and ask where are my sisters they explain to her that she was rescued from the blue sea, she Started asking for her friends who were onboarded on the boat, with immediate effect she was handed over to answers question and join the other migrant in prison in Europe.

Sarah said to the police, she is there to seek asylum, these was her story;

‘’I was force by my parents to marry to a rich man, I never wanted him my family rejected me and countless abused I underwent during my stay in my country”.

Tears rolling down from her eyes flows like the stream in my small village during the dry season, deep inside she knew she is there to set her families free from poverty, Sarah do not have a start in life like many young people, she was deprived from accessing education not because of gender identity but because she couldn’t get the support.

She is beautiful, nice and extrovert in nature, a kind and easily attracted person, she has a good sprite that she can easily be loved by anyone. Sadly, she was half lucky to have been loved by a lady and was taking from the prison in Italy. Sadly she never knew what occupation the lady is engaging in.

Migrant where in prison in Italy, for some who has relative in Europe their relative will easily come there to make a clam and support their many excuses so they can find their way to live and work in Europe, for those who do not they are claim by smuggles in Europe and soled to singles seeking for relationship, so to some house chores, and some need to work whole day in factory to make up ends meet.

Irrespective of paying higher rate for rent and other taxes life in Europe is far better than in Africa, in a year arrival in Europe Sarah has made some goals, her mother can now sleep in her own house and drive her own car, this solid development of Sarah’s family life has brought competition among other family members in Sarah’s home town and many has fellow the foot step of Sarah.

In a bit discussion with a friend after seeing his beautiful photo with puppy (dog) it was amazing from my side, he smiled and said; this is a life dog that cost $ 500 USD, it was amazing to see such beautify puppy dog, as we continued our discussion,  he said, young man anything in Europe is far more attractive than in Africa even the birds and any other nature you may be thinking about. I wanted to disagree with him simply because there is white who pay thousands of dollars each year to come to Africa on tourism and research.

All these many differences across Africa region have create an unfamiliar cultural it is no secret that the LGBT community is common in Europe and is acceptable way of life in those countries, humanitarian are also advocating to make this a generalizes culture across the world yet government and state men handing their pens to assign this signature to it, yet the local and owners of believes not limited to tradition, and religion offer an odd looks to these offer and it is a reminder that the world is at it ends point, this belief do not never match with science and social engineer.

Sarah made her way in Europe through domestics’ partnership where two adulty agree to live and share everything in common and this was never a cultural of Africa, she was host by a prom star and she served as a woman to her fellow, however Sarah’s family do not investigated her job weather it matches it cultural or not all we have looked at was the positive aspect of Sarah’s success and all these young people of her community has today left for Europe.

Akie and Pawpaw in one of their moved says that money stop nonsense, this is the reverse relationship between Africa and Europe.

A country that accepts what is taboo in his land change this theory to money cheers nonsense our cultural and tradition of the land from marriage, child care and mutual community living has rapidly change in the 21st century.

Meanwhile Kadija and Humu are also undergoing a lot at Quwait we will hear from them in episode 9

What should have happened if Sahar told her family about her job and relationship?

ARTRBOX System belief in creating a safer bridge from Europe to Africa in a collective smart city using art and literatures.

Episode 9

modern slavery in Quwait



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