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Moseray Fadika: Today we are Honouring the Legacy of Africa’s Global Icon, ‘Super’.

Today, August 7th, we mark four years since the passing of Ambassador Gibril Santigie Moseray Fadika, fondly called ‘Super’, a remarkable journey of life completed, and a positive legacy that still inspires and motivates all of us.  

Moseray Fadika was internationally recognised as one of Africa’s Global Icons, Business Magnate, Investor, and Philanthropist. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who touched as many lives as Moseray Fadika. He had a profound effect on people from all walks of life, and his outstanding work motivated and inspired a generation. His incredible work for humanity was cross-cutting and powerful.

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Moseray Fadika’s inspirational work to help poor people work their way out of poverty, his work for a prosperous, peaceful, and United Sierra Leone permeates throughout the country and beyond. His ideals live on in the good deeds of ordinary people across the country –from the streets of Freetown to corners across the country. He was indeed a man of the people.

As Moseray Fadika said: ‘’We Are Born Poor. We Must Not Die Poor”. This powerful message has left a lasting impact. His memory, his work, and his beliefs live on in the hearts and minds of people from all walks of life and the global community, in people playing their part to make the world a better place for all of us, and for our children’s children.


Moseray Fadika came from a humble background and said this of his childhood,

‘’I was born in poverty and struggled to pay my school fees. Despite these difficulties growing up as a child in Sierra Leone, I never lost hope, but continued in my efforts to seek a better life. I graduated from university and took an interest in business…’’

Moseray Fadika was born on the 25 of March 1963 at 23 Magazine Court Eastern, Sierra Leone. He is sixth in line in his family born to Alhaji Gibril Fadika and Haja Tigidankay Fadika with an extended family from around the world.  Moseray Fadika married Mrs. Cathy Kadiatu Fadika and had three daughters: Tigidankay, Nancy and Marie.

Moseray Fadika was a man from humble beginnings and remained humble in his generosity and immense sense of national development.  


Moseray Fadika was a devoted Muslim. At a young age, Moseray Fadika built a mosque in his community where he was born. Despite being a Muslim, he was seen as a person of high religious tolerance as he supported people and institutions from all religions including Muslims and Christians alike. He helped churches and mosques in the country and Sub-Saharan Africa.


Moseray Fadika attended the Holy Trinity Primary School, and later enrolled at the St Edward’s Secondary School in Freetown.

He proceeded to the Victoria College in the Republic of Egypt where he furthered his education.

Moseray Fadika later traveled to the United States of America and attended the Washington International University and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Diplomacy and a Master of Art Degree in Political Science.


Moseray Fadika was the Executive Chairman of Africa Minerals Limited (AML) Sierra Leone. He also served as Executive Director and Co-founder of the company; and Non-Executive Director of African Petroleum and Pan African Minerals Limited, with a cumulative investment portfolio of over 3.1 billion United States dollars, in Africa. 

With promising investments in iron ore, oil and gas and related resources in nine West African countries including Sierra Leone, Guinea, Ghana, Cote D’ivoire, The Gambia, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Liberia and Niger; Moseray Fadika provided direct and indirect jobs to thousands of people including youth in the region.

Moseray Fadika served as the Vice Chairman of Shandong Steel Sierra Leone Limited, the company that took over AML. His companies contributed greatly in boosting Sierra Leone’s economy and helped create employment opportunities for thousands of Sierra Leoneans.


Moseray Fadika was a man of the game. He was a leader and big supporter of the East End Lions (EE Lions) Football Club. His love for football was well known and anyone connected to the game is keen to pay their respect to Moseray Fadika. Sports stakeholders described him as someone who came to move the country’s game forward because of his love for youth and the country.

Moseray Fadika’s outstanding contribution to humanity and sport inspired us all, and his legacy will continue to provide inspiration for generations to come. Moseray Fadika was remembered with a tribute at the opening of the Sierra Leone vs Ivory Coast match for the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualification, held on the 3rd September 2016 in Bouake, Ivory Coast. The world of African football came together to pay special tribute to Moseray Fadika’s stunning legacy in sport.

Culturally, he was a major sponsor of the most popular entertaining annual PADDLE masquerade in the country which attracts Sierra Leoneans at home and aboard. He was also a big sponsor for many other cultural activities in Sierra Leone.


Moseray Fadika served as Chairman and later Godfather of AWOL- All ‘Works’ of Life Development Organisation. The organisation was formed in 2001, by a group of Sierra Leoneans from various walks of life; most of them returning from the Diaspora who wanted to contribute to the post-civil war national rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts,

Moseray Fadika supported the AWOL National Achievement Awards scheme and the first awards ceremony was held in December in 2002. The AWOL Award honours deserving individuals and organisations who are contributing their talents/resources for the enhancement of the common good.

Through AWOL, Moseray Fadika supported and empowered a lot of individuals and institutions including the Sierra Leone Movie Industry, the Entertainment industry, and sport, Friends of Super in Sierra Leone, Germany, UK, and Holland and across the world. Moseray Fadika invested millions of Leones in helping venerable children to access quality education in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels.

The current Chairman of AWOL, who is also the President of the African Young Voices (AYV) Media Empire and who was a very close confidant of Moseray Fadika, Ambassador Anthony Navo Jnr. said that he has lost a friend, brother, father and even referred to him as his own ‘Mandela. Ambassador Navo said he has been with Moseray Fadika for about two decades and their friendship has been solid as a rock. He said, “Moseray Fadika is my Mandela and life will not be the same without him (Super). He was a people’s person, very modest and down to earth. He taught us to be respectful and humble and that was why he was so successful in life.”

Ambassador Anthony Navo said three of them, including Lawyer Kweku Lisk have been together and ‘Super’ was like their father wherever they are. He said they were together always and that what Moseray Fadika achieved on planet earth will never be forgotten in a while.


Moseray Fadika aka ‘Super’ took his commitment and love for Sierra Leone to another level. Moseray Fadika threw his hat into the political ring and became the Lead Contender, and he was a Presidential Hopeful for the 2018 Sierra Leone Presidential elections.

Moseray Fadika entering into politics was a national call by Sierra Leoneans and he came with a clear vision to help the country with his slogan “WE ARE BORN POOR. WE MUST NOT DIE POOR”.  Moseray Fadika was committed to promoting better governance in Africa, and strengthening the capacities of people and communities to achieve a fairer and a more peaceful world. 


For graciously and profoundly touching the lives of many and selfless service to humanity, Moseray Fadika received several national and international awards. He was internationally commended for his outstanding leadership and service to the people of Africa.

Moseray Fadika was among the few Sierra Leoneans/Africans to lay a wreath on behalf of the people of Sierra Leone at the Commonwealth Memorial during the 2016 Commonwealth Africa Summit in London and also attended the Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey in London, on the invitation of her Majesty the Queen of England.

ORDER OF THE ROKEL AWARD: Moseray Fadika received The Order of the Rokel, a state award reserved for high achieving individuals in Sierra Leone and people who have immensely contributed to nation-building. Moseray Fadika received awards from two Presidents of Sierra Leone including President Ahmed Tejan Kabba, and President Ernest Bai Koroma.

THE AFRICA ECONOMY BUILDERS AWARD 2014: Moseray Fadika, was amongst foremost entrepreneurs in Africa and other distinguished regional and global figures, who received the Africa Economy Builders Award – 2014.  

CIVITAN AWARD: Moseray Fadika was recognised and awarded with the coveted ‘Civitan’ Award. That honour was for being one of the best builders of the continent’s economy; his exemplary good citizenship and dedication; and his immense contributions to individuals and communities across Sierra Leone. Civitan, a US-based charity and an international organisation with a worldwide mission to build good citizenship and is dedicated to serving individuals and community needs, with emphasis on helping people with developmental disabilities.

COMMONWEALTH AFRICA GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: Moseray Fadika was appointed as the first Goodwill and Business Ambassador for the Commonwealth Africa Initiative in London 2016 and presented with an international award for outstanding leadership and service to the people of Africa. The summit brought together world leaders and personalities from across the 53 Commonwealth countries.  Among those who attended the Summit were Presidents, former presidents, ministers, High Commissioners, Members of Parliament, policy-makers, representatives of the private sector, civil society, diaspora organisations, youth groups, Commonwealth agencies, academia, celebrities and the media. Ambassador Fadika’s appointment was announced by the former president of Nigeria – Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, who is the Co-chair of the Commonwealth Africa Initiative, alongside Dr. Caroline Harper OBE and Baroness Flather.  It was expected that Ambassador Fadika will be a critical voice for the Commonwealth Africa Initiative, in advancing Africa’s agenda in the Commonwealth and globally. 


Moseray Fadika passed away at a hospital in London. He had arrived in the United Kingdom for a series of meetings, to engage people in diaspora and promote sustainable development in Sierra Leone/Africa.  

Moseray Fadika received national honour and was accorded a civic funeral. A statue of Moseray Fadika was erected along Fourah Bay Road, in front of PCMH (Cottage Hospital) east of Freetown, in memory and tribute for his service to the people of Sierra Leone.

The statue was unveiled by the then President of Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma. This was supported by Moseray Fadika’s wife, his children, family and friends.


Moseray Fadika is missed by many people from around the world for his incredible humanitarian work, and love for his people and country. Moseray Fadika invested a lot of his money in businesses which placed a high priority on the welfare of poor people, and despite running large companies across Africa, he also dedicated a lot of time to helping those less privileged in local communities across Sierra Leone and globally.

Moseray Fadika’s generosity and kindness are legendary and unquantifiable, he created jobs and supported thousands of Sierra Leoneans across the world, providing scholarships for pupils and students in schools and university, liberal contribution to the Hajj community.

In a speech in London to Sierra Leoneans from across the world, Moseray Fadika said he was committed to championing the cause of eradicating extreme poverty and creating millions of jobs, support education, health in Sierra Leone.

To advance his charitable work, Moseray Fadika established the Moseray Fadika Trust Foundation. The Moseray Fadika Trust Foundation’s commitment, like that of the founder, Moseray Fadika, and the movement he spearheaded, is to contribute to the making of a just society that engages and empowers young people, listens to them, and help them work their way out of poverty.

The Moseray Fadika Trust Foundation is mandated to promote Moseray Fadika’s legacy and work by delivering sustainable development programmes and creating platforms for engagement around critical issues to eradicate poverty, create jobs, empower young men and women, advance education and health, and promote social justice.

Since the passing of Moseray Fadika, and with support from his wife, children, and trustees, the Moseray Fadika Trust, have embarked on several activities in ensuring that the legacy of Moseray Fadika lives on. The Moseray Fadika Trust Foundation has engaged people from all walks of life, both in Sierra Leone and internationally, committed to this non-profit organisation dedicated to keeping Moseray Fadika’s legacy alive. The organisation is also understood to have international development experts as its strategic partners including the international humanitarian Mr Messeh Leone.

In partnership with the international organisation- Waves For Change based in South Africa, the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, National Tourist Board, Ministry of Social Welfare, Ministry of Gender and Children’s Affairs, the Moseray Fadika Trust Foundation currently runs the Aberdeen Surf Therapy programme, working with children and youth between the ages of 10 to 18 on a weekly basis at the Aberdeen beach community and as well as supporting other local communities. These young people are exposed to some social, economic, and environmental challenges.

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The Moseray Fadika Trust Foundation provides a safe space, caring mentors, fun activities, coping and lifelong skills, and uses an evidence-based surf therapy programme to support these young people to become bold, confident, and positive role models in their community as well as being able to overcome challenges in their life and have good mental health.

The Moseray Fadika Trust Foundation continues to deliver important work in local communities; albeit this is not reported in the media. It is understood that trustees are keen to respect the privacy of the family and protect the legacy of Moseray Fadika, while quietly focusing on helping people in the communities.

Moseray Fadika has left people from all walks of life — in Sierra Leone and from around    the world — an incredible legacy of peace, love, unity, support for the poor. To the people of Sierra Leone, and his family we thank you for sharing Super with the rest of the world. 

We stand with you today in prayers, remembrance and, in honouring the legacy of this great man, to be remembered as a great human being, a real person, one of Africa’s Global Icons who helped changed many lives – and that make him our beloved global citizen.

May His soul rest in perfect and eternal peace! Amin/Amen.

Freetown, 7th August 2020.

By the Salone Messenger

This work was compiled by Sallu Kamuskay from the Salone Messenger, with references from AYV Media Empire and the Moseray Fadika Trust Foundation media platforms. you can watch full documentary of super below

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