From being homeless in South Africa to Professional lightweight kickboxer: The story of Moses Sheka Kamara

Sallu Kamuskay Sallu
Sallu Kamuskay Sallu
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Moses Sheka Kamara Professional lightweight kickboxer
From being homeless in South Africa to Professional lightweight kickboxer: the story of Moses Sheka Kamara

Moses Sheka Kamara AKA The King Killer’ is a 24 years old Sierra Leonean professional kickboxer signed to RaptoRock MMA & Fitness in South Africa aspiring to join the UFC. The outcome of his upcoming fights will decide his aspiration of being the first Sierra Leonean to join the UFC.

The story of Moses Sheka Kamara in South Africa
The story of Moses Sheka Kamara in South Africa

Like many Sierra Leoneans, the struggle to travel overseas for greener pasture continue to increase, even with the engagement by the International Organisation for Migration, many Africans continue to look for opportunities to travel abroad for better opportunities to be able to support their families back home.

Born in Kamatembe, 24-year-old Moses Sheka Kamara is popularly known as Bishop in Sierra Leone and in South Africa as ‘Moses the King Killer Kamara’ as his ring name, is not an exception to the struggle to make it abroad.

Moses Sheka Kamara completed his high school education at the Saline High School where he wrote his West Africa Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get his university requirement. Moses embarked on a journey to explore opportunities abroad.


Moses lost his father in 2016 when he was 17 years old and was taken care of by his mother who is a petty trader. Moses’ Aunt who lives in London has always wanted Moses to join her in London where he could further his education and work.

Looking for travel opportunities connected him with a friend who got him scammed by some fraud and he got stuck in Pretoria, the capital of South Africa homeless.

Moses Sheka Kamara was homeless for a few days until he found some friends who took him to their place where he stayed for a few months. “A friend of mine told me about a travel program in Canada, but he also told me to move to South Africa for a fingerprint before I can have the visa which was a fraud and I started facing a lot of challenges in life. No rent to pay,” he told Salone Messenger, global multimedia and public relations firm based in Sierra Leone.

The story of Moses Sheka Kamara
The story of Moses Sheka Kamara

Moses later moved to a Sierra Leonean friend who is a model, Bockarie Kargbo who later introduced him to kickboxing and told him to explore the sport. After a lot of consideration, Moses gave it a try. “I move to a friend of mine whose name is Bockarie and I was sleeping on the couch one day he woke up and woke me up as well and started telling me about kickboxing because of my structure. At first, I ignored him and later on I start thinking about it. “


Moses joined the RAPTOROCK MMA & FITNESS as the only black man at the school which was so difficult for him. “I forget about all the past and face in my new career,” he told Salone Messenger, a Global Multimedia and public relations firm in Sierra Leone

Moses Sheka Kamara fighting
Moses Sheka Kamara fighting

Moses didn’t have money to pay at the kickboxing school, his girlfriend’s father supported him by paying his fees. After 3 months, Moses had his first fight which was successful for him but lost in the second round.

After five months of training and recovering, Moses entered the ring for his first MMA fight on the 27th of August which he won. His impressive performance shocked media personalities and the crowd which gave him a lot of media coverage.

Sierra Leone’s Bishop Kamara aka king killer won the MMA in Pretoria South Africa


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