Meet The 23-Year-Old Russian Oyibo Skirt Dancer

Africans continue trying to leave Africa to relocate to other parts of the world such as America, Canada, Europe, etc.
In a new twist, a Russian woman who now goes by the name of Oyibo Marlian is speaking out about why she decided to leave Russia and relocate to Nigeria. We hardly hear narratives like this and I just knew when I saw the interview that I had to share it with you. So without further ado, here are her reasons.

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Oyibo Marlian
Juliana Belova aka Oyibo Marlian sat down with Wake Up Nigeria to discuss and this is what they said.
When I was still in Russia, I had Nigerian friends. I started discovering Nigerian comedy through them because they always shared it in their status, on their stories, and then I realized ‘oh wow, people actually just live like this? They wake up everyday shooting, creating skits, and I really loved it. It was really funny so I said why not give it a try, I also want to do that. I also love comedy, creating videos. I had never been to Nigeria at all but when I saw Nigerian skits, I just knew that is what I want to do.
So then two and a half months after the first day I thought of coming, I raised enough money and I moved to Nigeria. I came in on my own, I didn’t know anybody here.

First time I came, I was just in love with it. The moment I even landed, it smelled different. There’s a smell that Nigeria has, I was like “Wow, what’s this smell!” then I went out, it was 4 in the morning and it was so hot for me. I was like ‘Really?’ so what is going to be like when the sun goes up. I was so scared because I thought I was gonna burn but I didn’t burn. Then later I was just fascinated by everything. People fighting, I was just like “Wow!”, pure water, gutter that’s just there, everything was just so fascinating. I just loved it.
Right now with my skits, I just want to work with Mr. Macaroni, Broda Shaggi, and Lasisi, those are my favorites.

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