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IWD 2022 Impacful Women! Meet Madam Suafiatu Tunis: A Community Activist

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IWD 2022 Impacful Women! Meet Madam Suafiatu Tunis: A Community Activist

IWD 2022 Impacful Women!
Meet Madam Suafiatu Tunis a woman of passion and courage who made it among the 12 impactful women on International Women’s Day -2022. The impactful women initiative (IWI) spotlights women referred to as strong women, who are recognized to have passion to uplift others.

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The IWI only considers women outside government positions who are either pioneering a just cause or are sharing the little wealth they have to impact others.

Madam Suafiatu Tunis, is a Community Activist who has worked with and collaborated with different organisations and communities throughout Sierra Leone .From helping Ebola survivors,orphans and shining light on issues affecting women and girls in her district and community in Freetown. She also initiated and raised funds for one of the organisations in which she serves as coordinator …. (SAfED) Soro-Gbema Action For Economic Development “One Radio,One Child” project helping over 500 students in her Chiefdom in Pujehun District during the Covid19 pandemic and is recognized for her philanthropic heart,speaking on sexual reproductive health rights issues and supporting the vulnerable. Madam Tunis has supported and always volunteered her time for SWSL in their work countless times while advocating for the homeless and people with mental health issues.She has also offered trainings to some of our key staff members on Sexual Reproductive Health Rights Issues.

In 2021, Suafiatu Tunis encouraged 500 women within the Mano River basin to join her in Project “Mano River Community Farms”.She believes that the future of the women in her community lies vegetable farming.They need to use their hands to thrive.The earth has so much to offer its occupants and we must not take that gift for granted….she said.

Because of her giving spirit and passion to help others, SWSL recognizes her as one of the 12 impactful women in Sierra Leone.
In her own words, #Impact# “We should find ourselves in each other as women and be the change we want to see ”
Get inspired by Madam Tunis!

To be recognized as an impactful woman, a woman has to live for others and make time for others. And such a woman should not hold government position in society.

We celebrate you Madam Suafiatu Habib Tunis

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