“A red lettered day for me”IPAM graduate writes touching message after graduation 

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“A red lettered day for me”Graduate writes touching message after graduation

A young Sierra Leonean twin brother, Jonathan Turner Turner has taken on his social media platform to share touching message after he graduated Bachelor’s degree with Honours in Public Sector Management from the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM.)
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“Eulogy of greatness for reaching thus far
A red lettered day for me and I feel very proud of myself for attaining such a feat.
Honestly, I first wrote out a speech to thank my parents about three weeks ago but I kept on rewriting it to get the best. It wasn’t because the script was too long or boring; I couldn’t finish because I kept remembering all of the good things that my late grandmother Mrs Susanna Elizabeth Turner did for me during my formative years of learning.
Every time I got to the point of marking a milestone in the field of academia, some fond memories would come up, such as when she had to do odd jobs just to take care of my twin brother David G. Turner and me.
To this end , I want to respectfully dedicate this speech as well as the academic feat to her for the invaluable contributions among many other things.
How I wished she was here with me to witness this fulfilling moment as I graduate with a Bachelor’s degree with Honours in Public Sector Management from the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM.)
Added to this, I am an awaiting graduate in Multimedia, Advertising and Broadcasting from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology and a would-be bachelor of laws degree in few years from now from Fourah Bay College. All these attainment would not have been possible without the endless teachings of Mamie Liza of blessed memory.
For many, we are unique twins with genuine hearts. While growing up, our story has miffed and chuffed with nothing to eat. But grandma Susana Elizabeth Turner stood firm to get the better of us. Grama isn’t with us anymore but her spirit blesses our life’s roads. We will forever be grateful for your teachings,grandma.
Thank you Mamie Liza as we use to call you for believing in me and supporting me when everyone else seemed to have doubted my abilities. If it’s not for your guidance, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve all that I have achieved so far. Thank you for giving me that push in life and making me believe that nothing is impossible, if we have the will and determination.
Grandma, I will always remember the moral values that you impacted in us. It’s your teachings that guide me for every step I take on this life’s road.
As I celebrate this day, sleep on my academic architect Mamie Liza”


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