Inspiring Story Of Adamu Dauda, A Nigerian Herdsman Who Became A University Lecturer

Abu Bakarr Jalloh datbwoyfromafrica
Abu Bakarr Jalloh datbwoyfromafrica
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Dauda began herding cattle for his father at age 9 and he did this all through his primary and secondary school education. Dauda remained in the trade until just before he left home for his higher education at the Taraba State College of Education, Jalingo, where he got his National Certificate of Education (NCE) in 2009.

Dauda explained that he herded cattle not only because he loved it but also because he considered it as part of his culture. It also put food on his family’s table, he noted. Adamu Dauda says his former trade is in need of modernization.

He explained: “Even after my secondary school, l was leading the herds of cattle of my father and l enjoyed doing that because it is culture and at the same a venture that sustains the family economically.”

Dauda’s journey from the bushes to the classroom

After obtaining his NCE, Dauda said he worked as a security guard at the Federal University, Wukari from 2012 to 2016 before a special programme by the vice-chancellor of the school at the time earned him an admission. Dauda studied Sociology, graduated in 2019 and currently works as a graduate assistant at the university where he once guarded the gates.

Dauda notes that his success story was because of the popularity of education among the Fulanis of the Mambilla Plateau in Taraba state where he comes from. “We have professors, lawyers, medical doctors, engineers and other professionals all among the Fulani of Mambilla plateau.” But ultimately, he gives glory to God Almighty for helping him to reach his current heights.

Dauda, who will soon head for his Master’s degree at a university in Malaysia, says the practice of open grazing that he took part in as a young boy is now in need of modernization.

He explains that there are better ways to rear cattle in this modern age than grazing them in the open. He said: “Moving with cattle from one place to another is now old fashioned due to so many reasons, so l advise the Fulani to embrace Western Education because with education, you can do livestock business better and safer.”



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