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I am thinking

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Sierra Leonean artist 1 1

By: Mohamed Dauda Kamara
Journalist In Makeni

I am thinking, when last I saw my mummy
With her beautiful face used to rub my head whenever I cried for a dummy

I am thinking when last I peeped in the hideout
when it was night my com pulled me by hand to sing and dance to welcome kites from the sailing deserts

I am thinking when last my darling girl with African beads on her waist stopped to wash in the rain
She used to push my chest closer to her shinning nipples even when I sneezed
My dad couldn’t believe

Mohamed Dauda Kamara

I am thinking!

Thinking when last I climbed the mango tree after school took off my uniform climbed it with bare body even when there are ants on every branch
I sat comfortably
those were ages

I am thinking when my elder sister looked me in the eyes took me to the market to buy a pair of slippers
My younger sister cried as she showed up her jealousy eyes

I am thinking those days in school when we used to beat band march around town sing the Cha Cha Cha

I am thinking
those eras we used to play football in our back yards
Dribbled each other, ran away whenever we saw our principal even when he couldn’t nagged

I am thinking those days we held our hooks to the riverside for a catch
We fish for the whole day and there was no catch
Thunder rumbled we packed to the other side

Thinking of those time we crawled on a hilltop to hunt monkeys after all when there was nothing we fetched firewoods. Down the hills, we sing the rosy words

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