How A Young Ugandan Entrepreneur Is Using AI To Fight Cancer In Africa After Battling Disease

This is how one Ugandan entrepreneur is using AI to fight cancer in Africa after battling disease

Shamim Nabuuma Kaliisa is a cancer survivor and founder of Chil AI. Her firm uses artificial intelligence-guided e-oncology services and drones to transport cervical cancer specimens from remote rural villages to laboratories.

Kaliisa was diagnosed with cancer in her second year in medical school. Growing up in rural Uganda, the main economic activity her family engaged in was fish farming. Smoking the fish exposed her to respiratory diseases which also contributed to her cancer chances.

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She told Business Insider that she decided that she was not going to allow other young women to go through the pain of living with breast cancer because they can’t have early and regular screening. In Africa, breast cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed diseases among African women with a five-year survival rate of 40%.

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