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At Salone Messenger, we believe that with collaborative efforts and oneness, the entertainment industry in Sierra Leone will be where we all want it. This category is all about teeling the stories of the entertainers and the entertainment and the way forward to be at the center stage

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14-year-old Albert Academy rapper Edward Ziko Johnson: “Drizilik inspired me”

Mount Aureol, is a community that is located North-East of Sierra Leone's

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Prince Edward Nabieu: The multi-talented artist From Tombo

Prince Edward Nabieu is a multi-talented artist, songwriter, Editor of both movies,

Festus Conteh Festus131 Festus Conteh Festus131

‘’If I become President”: Episode Fouraybay

Sierra Leone is a country from decades of civil war that claimed

Sallu Kamuskay Sallu Kamuskay

Robert Charles Davies: The promising Sierra Leonean Journalist and filmmaker

S.K:  As changes are inevitable and everyone is entitled to one, where

Sallu Kamuskay Sallu Kamuskay

Audiofrica entertainment app review

  We just downloaded the 2.1.1 with over 1000 downloads in less

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