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Traditional Folk Singer Fantacee Wiz On The “Role Of Women In Politics & National Development”.

Renowned traditional folk singer, Fantacee Wiz has taken on her social media to share excerpt from her touching speech at the YLA Conference on the “Role Of Women In Politics

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Meet The first-ever blind and deaf Woman to graduate from US university

A 25-year-old Haben Girma has become the first-ever blind and deaf person to graduate from the Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States Haben Girma who is now a global

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Sierra Leone’s Musa Tombo listed among South Africa trending tweets

According to Tweet247, Sierra Leonean player Musa Tombo made it to the most popular tweets in South Africa tweet tends. Read below Strikes don’t come much sweeter 🍬 Musa Kamara

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Software Developer and lecturer bags first position at the Freetown Pitch Night

Freetown Pitch Night: Sierra Leone’s Mohamed Bangura, Chief Executive Officer of the Kingmedo Tech. Solutions, a software developer, a computer teacher and a lecturer has won the Freetown Pitch Night, Organized

Sallu Kamuskay Sallu Kamuskay

Festus Diary: Season 2

Previously on Festus' Diary FDs: Season 1 He was about sharing his personal experience when the bell was rung for us to take our seats for the Mock. A long

Festus Conteh Festus131 Festus Conteh Festus131

6-year-old genius kid gains admission to Oxford university, becomes the youngest ever African admitted to UK university

6-year-old Joshua Beckford of Nigerian origin has set a new record as the youngest person ever accepted into Oxford University in the United Kingdom. Joshua Beckford was accepted to study

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