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26-year-old young Sierra Leone Entrepreneur , mobile makeup Artist, and hairdresser, Yeanie Healen Sundufu  Declares for housemates Salone

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26-year-old young Sierra Leone Entrepreneur , mobile makeup Artist, and hairdresser, Yeanie Healen Sundufu  Declares for housemates Salone


26-year-old young Sierra Leone Entrepreneur , mobile makeup Artist, and hairdresser, Yeanie Healen Sundufu  has declared for Sierra Leone’s biggest reality TV show, Housemates Salone Season 3. Yeanie made this declaration on her Facebook page stating that it another season, and a day for her audition

“It’s another season for house mates alone… and it’s my audition day! Lord I put my trust in you” she stated.

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Born and raised in Bo City, Yeanie Healen Sundufu is a 26-year-old young Sierra Leone Entrepreneur, actress, mobile makeup artist, hairdresser, and a holder of a bachelor of science in Commerce at the Fourah Bay College.

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Meet Yeanie Healen Sundufu : 26-year-old young Sierra Leone Entrepreneur , mobile makeup Artist, and hairdresser leading the way

Like many of you, Yeani had a big dream, she wanted to become an Air Hostess or flight attendant, “It is funny,  I always wanted to become an  Air Hostess because I always wanted to travel across the world, I enjoy travelling, I wanted to do what I love doing whiles making money, so the best choice I had at the time was to become an  Air Hostess” However this was difficult to achieve due to the fact that flight was not available in the country, Yeanie was advice by her uncle to chose another career, Yeanie was then admitted at the Fourah Bay College where she pursued a bachelor of science in Commerce because she decided to pursue a career entrepreneurship/ Business. “ After my Uncle advised me, I then switched a career path from flight attendant to a business owner, I had the wish to create my own company and employ young people, wanted to be my own boss, so I switched course”

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WhatsApp Image 2022 03 08 at 4.15.02 PM 1

Yeanie Healen Sundufu attended the SOS Herman Gmeiner International School Bo, due to some family crises, Yeanie was later admitted to New life primary school where she took her National Primary School Exams. Yeanie later moved to the Zenith International Academy Junior Secondary School and the SOS Herman Gmeiner international school where she completed her Senior Secondary School.  Yeanie Healen Sundufu holds a certificate in population analysis and social statistics and a Bachelor of Science in Commerce


“Born in a very comfortable home, I have four siblings, and I’m the fourth child.  but growing up as children things changed because we lost our dad. So, we were raised by a single mum who supported us through business. To the glory of God, we had our uncle who also helped our mum to take care of us, but It was tough, cus there are times that we hardly have food to eat, lunch to take to school, or even money to pay our fees.”  Growing up as a child in Sierra Leone , it was no bed of roses for Yeanie. She has always dreamt of becoming a strong, independent, and generous woman of substance. She understood the challenges of life in an environment As a child, while in junior and Senior Secondary School, Yeanie use to sell in school for lunch and buy new shoes for herself. After Senior Secondary school, Yeanie came to Freetown and was admitted to Fourah Bay College. In Freetown, Yeanie started leanring and pursueing her career into the women she wanted to become because she needed to survive and had talents in so many things, Yeanie used her talent to survive  “I survived by doing hairdressing and sometimes preparing foil food to sell. I am also a barber, I was living with different people who saw the future in me, i had both good and bad experiences with them, but I always say it made me the woman I am today.”

Yeanie Healen Sundufu Hair Dresser
Yeanie Healen Sundufu

Yeanie Healen Sundufu started as mobile makeup artist and hairdresser, she posed herself as Sierra Leone’s mobile makeup artist and hairdresser, and barber, she had her contact with a few of her clients she had worked with and they keep recommending her to other people, slowly, Yeanie finds her way in into the mobile makeup artist and hairdresser she is today.

“I believe that a blend of education and skill will make me rich. So each time I think of this it motivates me to improve my skills as a hairdresser and a make-up artist.”


After graduation, Yeanie was employed as marketing manager for Golder Trading and Construction company where she worked for seven months.  Because he had always wanted to own her own company, hairdressing, and makeup company, she then moved on building it slowly,


“yes! This has always been my business plan, I would love to set up my hairdressing and make-up company. Because I’ve always loved business and I believe it pays, which is one of my reasons for studying commerce in university.”

As the young entrepreneur once explained, “I offer home make-up and hairdressing services, and you can also call me and tell me the type of food (African and European dishes) you want on specific days and I will prepare it and deliver at your doorstep.” She told Salone Messenger during an interview


“My message to young Sierra Leoneans is that a blend of education and skill will make you a successful person And you can be your own boss if you want to.


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