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11-year Old street Hawker got saved by 13- year old street kid after slay queen abandon her.

Yesterday, on my way returning home from a busy day at number 2.

This sorrowful but inspiring story happened at Lumley few minutes ago.

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Kadie, a girl about 11 years old selling cassava on a tray.

After the rude and annoying conductor denied me of entering his Poda-Poda just because I told him I was going to Regent Road there was this slay queen swinging her hands with the the 21st-century cart she mistakenly hit Kadie’s hand and the money (Le 14,000) Kadie tied in a pure water plastic feel through drainage holes into the gutter.


Kadie: “aaa aunty u Don eb me 14,000 wae ar seller gutter”

Slay Queen: “u expect me 4go put me hand na gutter 4u?” and she radically hissed and walked away.

I was still busy fighting my way to onboard a Poda-Poda but the continuous screaming of Kadie caught the attention, of13-year-old Murray.

Murray tried to use his hand but his hand couldn’t get the money the hole was narrow.

I got emotional and joined them I told Murray to go find two sticks so we can get the money out.

Since the gutter was dark I used my phone’s torch to point for Murray who was passionate to help the crying and helpless girl. We tried severally but all our hard work went in vain. Murray told Kadie to give him her headscarf he then tied the scarf between the two sticks.


In the end,d we were able to get the money when Murray at the nick of time clipped the money in the middle of the scarf with the two sticks and I was fast to dipped my hand through the hole and get hold of the money. I handed the money to Murray so he can genuinely hand the money to Kadie. He couraged Kadie to stop crying the money is hers now.


Uncle thank you Kadie said and I hugged my friend Murray who was the hero of the day.

I need not tell you about the moral lesson of this story but Murray my friend as young as he is could give a humanly helping hand to this needy girl is enough for us to know that if only all Sierra Leoneans could be just like Murray things would have been better for us.

Just like Murray who was so emotional when struggling to get the money, we must not laugh at the sorrows of our fellows.

Today, I’ll happily go to bed knowing that Kadie won’t be flogged.

For curfew’s sake let me concentrate on fighting for a Poda-Poda to Regent Road but make sure you be like the hero Murray.

Festus Conteh

Festus has been volunteering in writing stories of social issues at both community and the country at large. Festus was looking to secure a brand new opportunity in an innovative, friendly atmosphere where he can utilize his soft skills and in-depth knowledge in story writing. He can also write a project proposal of any kind.

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