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Young Sierra Leonean Tech Entrepreneur Emmanuel Saati Built Food Preservation Bag

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Young Sierra Leonean Tech Entrepreneur Emmanuel Saati built food preservation bag

A 21-year-old  young Sierra Leonean Tech Entrepreneur, Emmanuel Saati, has developed what he called a food Preservation Bag that will  keep food in attractive conditions, slow down the ageing of crops, protect them from frost, combat shortages, and obtain higher prices.

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The Africandreamsl reports that the the fundamental aim of this storage facility is to delay the ageing of crops. The device is made up of systems and sensors that can detect the average of each fruit, and provide the required room temperature needed for the preservation of the fruits and vegetables. With a basic design principle carved out by Emmanuel Saati, the system can take up to 1 ton of fruit and vegetables per bag but is not limited to a bag only.

Emmanuel Saati has also developed smart glasses and sticks for visually impaired persons to detect objects, to offer those people some sense of the external environment and objects.

Emmanuel Saati, Like many other upcoming innovators is challenged with access to  resources to carry out his work. he added during an interview with the African Dream that lack of collaboration with other innovators is challenge“Innovators in Sierra Leone lack collaboration which is something I find really annoying; because no man is an island and two smarter heads are better than one”, Emmanuel Saati asserted.

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