Young Man Makes 210 Hours Charcoal Painting Of Asmaa James Kamara, Says He Hopes To Meet Her Someday

Sallu Kamuskay Sallu
Sallu Kamuskay Sallu
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David musa artiste

A young Sierra Leonean youth has done an amazing artwork of Asmaa James Kamara, station manager at the 98.1 radio shared a charcoal painting he made of her on social media  – He said the painting took him 210 days to make and expressed his desire of seeing Asmaa James Kamara in the near future



“Hello Again everyone..


My name is David Musa kargbo.. Am an artist and Henna Designing

I used charcoal pencils to create this portrait of

Mrs Asmaa James Kamara, the station manager at the 98.1 and founder of the black Tuesday Movement. I spent 210 hours to put this artwork together to celebrate this great woman. My only wish now is to someday meet and present this artwork to her.

Pls…. Help me to reach her……

+23230528910 WhatsApp…..”


David Musa Kargbo, a 23-year-old creative Henna Designer who drop out of school to do Henna Designing, David, like the stories of many young people is different, due to lack of money when he was going to school, David’s elder brother visited Sierra Leone in 2013 and introduce him to Henna Design, he learnt and started doing it for his friends in school. David quickly transformed this to business when he realised that his female friends in school liked and admire the work,  David paid his secondary and senior secondary school education through the little money he earn from the business, He sat to his WASCCE examination and got a complete requirement to enter university.

David couldn’t enrolled to the university because of insufficient funds, he then resorted to doing Henna design to be able to raise funds to enter university.

David has been doing this form of art for over three 8 years now. He has worked for big celebrities and important personalities in the country.


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