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Reading: Young Lady whose mother worked as a cleaner to sponsor her education bags PhD degree from US university, makes family proud
Reading: Young Lady whose mother worked as a cleaner to sponsor her education bags PhD degree from US university, makes family proud

Young Lady whose mother worked as a cleaner to sponsor her education bags PhD degree from US university, makes family proud

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Festus Conteh
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A young and brilliant woman has taken to her LinkedIn account to celebrate an extraordinary feat after she scripted a history of becoming the first to obtain a doctorate (PhD) in education from the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB).


Ana Guerrero’s parents are of Mexican decent. They migrated to the United States in search of a better life.

Her mother with no much skills worked as a house cleaner.


Her father was a ranch operator. In her words, “I had a fairly rural background, and my parents worked ranch’s proprietors, she narrated. She further recounted how her mother took her to school as a child and how she raised her up.


“Growing up, she would take me with her during school breaks, and it was then that I knew I needed to take full advantage of the opportunities given to me and denied to her and every women in my family history,” she narrated on LinkedIn.


Ana later bagged a Bachelor of sociology. She furthered on to complete her master’s in education before receiving a PhD in education.

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