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Reading: When Sierra Leone Sets New Guinness World Record
Reading: When Sierra Leone Sets New Guinness World Record

When Sierra Leone Sets New Guinness World Record

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Guinness World Record
Guinness World Record

Sierra Leone accomplished a remarkable feat on 27 April 2012, as it secured its first Guinness world record.

The country broke the record for the Largest Sampa dance in Freetown, the nation’s capital. Dancers from various schools in the city came together at the Brookfields National Stadium to perform a synchronized Sampa dance, which is a traditional folk dance in Sierra Leone.

The Mariatu Kargbo Foundation organized the event as part of the festivities commemorating Sierra Leone’s national Independence Day. The dance attracted 1,002 dancers who all flawlessly executed the routine, impressing the official Guinness World Records adjudicator. Senegal previously held the title for the largest Sampa dance with 870 dancers. Sierra Leone’s achievement was a significant milestone for the country, which has been striving to promote its cultural heritage. The successful record attempt was a testament to the nation’s unity, diversity, and rich cultural heritage.

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