Wanjama Innovative Donates Free Integrated Solar Backpack To 70 Disadvantaged Children In Pujehun

Sallu Kamuskay Sallu
Sallu Kamuskay Sallu
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Wanjama Innovative Donates Free Integrated Solar Backpack To 70 Disadvantaged Children In Pujehun

Wanjama Innovative Donates Free Integrated Solar Backpack To 70 Disadvantaged Children In Pujehun

Some 90 per cent of rural households in Pujehun, southern province of Sierra Leone use kerosene to fuel lighting. When night falls, this sees thousands of pupils in Pujehun town attending schools are forced to rely on the toxic and expensive light source to do their homework and study. For those who cannot keep up with the expense of buying the fuel, learning stops when the sun goes down.

James Samba, founder of Wanjama Innovative, a youth-led organization focused on the creation of innovative solutions to community problems and those of the youth; through the capturing and utilization of innovative mind-set into a problem-solving solution grew up in Pujehun witnessing the effects that poverty and the lack of electricity had on school going children and came up with the solar back pack, which he calls the Integrated Solar Backpacks. The backpack allows children in rural areas to leverage the power of the sun during their long walks to and from school to provide light for reading at night.

The back packs consist of a solar panel, a battery pack and an LED lamp. The solar panel stores solar power during the day and allows the LED lamp to be connected to it during the night as a light source. For four hours of charging, the back pack is able to give out seven to eight hours of light at night.


““On behalf of the MBSSE, I want to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Wanjama Innovative-s team for their innovative approach towards solving the key factor affecting education in the district.” Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education representative said during the event.

Beneficiaries upon receiving the donation said, “I feel grateful to Mr James and the Wanjama Innovative-s team for bringing us a solar light backpack to prepare us for the future.” Josephine Sandy. Another beneficiary said, “The backpack I have been given by WIN-S will greatly help me to perform well at school as I will now be able to study at home when I’m back from school.”

With an Innovative response to this particular problem, Wanjama Innovate-s, a youth-led Innovative and humanitarian organization in Pujehun, Sierra Leone, is producing and freely distributing Integrated Solar Backpacks to these disadvantaged pupils in the sight that quality education is a right to all, regardless of economic background; thus, complementing  the free quality education in Sierra Leone.

In the first Implementation, The organization targeted and distributed solar backpacks freely to seventy (70) disadvantaged school pupils in few communities around the township with support and funds from Purposeful Sierra Leone and Funds for Global Human Rights.

In expanding this positive approach to other disadvantaged pupils, the organization is targeting 300 pupils for the next phase of the implementation and would be needing around $4000 to execute this helpful project.

You are be part of the initiative by donating today and be a part of helping hundreds of poor school pupils in having access to clean energy solar backpacks to enhance their academic studies.

Appreciations for extending a helpful hand to these promising school pupils.

GoFundMe link:   https://gofund.me/bb01e44f


Orange money: 079555091

For more info contact


email: wanjamaInnovatives@gmail.com



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