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Treacherous acts of demonic countrymen, posing as aggrieved citizens


By: Sheku Putka Kamara

Treacherous acts of demonic countrymen, posing as aggrieved citizens: Wednesday August 10th, 2022 – A day of horror and unjustified torture. To say that our Nation was sad is an inevitable understatement. Many of us did not forecast same, but like the Religiously Positive would note ‘God knows best.’

I was not going to extend this narrative since I had already set an earlier agenda on this subject matter, but since this issue is still topical, let’s get more pointers.

In every respect, we must condemn what happened. I am on record to have noted that Government and the Sierra Leone Police would have done better by granting permission to peaceful protests and protesters. Sadly, what some of our fellow countrymen did that day does not have any semblance of peace. No wonder, President Bio is quoted as saying that what happened was an attack on peace and an attack on democracy, among other things. You have to reason with our First Gentleman, just where reasonableness is an absolute consideration.

That said, there were several earlier statements from the Police that suggested that the planned demonstrations were faceless and that no one was ready to take the lead. No that’s just it. Where was the genuineness and sincerity, I ask! This was unwarranted, uncalled for and never justified.

Let us agree for once that people wanted to embark on a protest because of hardship etc. Did that in any way warrant the killing of society personnel? There are other reports of citizens and peaceful civilians that lost their lives as a result of this occurrence. Was that a way to go? What gains have perpetrators of such calamitous incidents achieved? To say that some of us are dissatisfied and disappointed is an obvious narration.

No matter how fledgling and challenging, Sierra Leone is still democratic. If at all people believe that some other persons are that good enough, why not make the changes in the ballot boxes? We should have really learnt some lessons, but I am not sure we’re ready as a people and as a nation.

The effects of what happened have been so so devastating etc. From the postponement and or cancellation of valuable happenings to the loss of lives, properties and revenues. Those who may have fuelled these activities behind the scenes should bury their heads in shame and that is if at all they’d have any.

What is wrong today is wrong and we should be clearer to speak to such issues. Politics is not everything and so people should be mindful. Like President Bio, it is the Will of God for anyone to be elected President and so attempting to fight such a person is like openly challenging the Almighty.

Sierra Leone deserves better. Peace is supreme. We should not trade these virtues for anything lesser. May God help us all and may justice prevail, Aameen.

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