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Reading: As Housemates Salone Campaign  Intensifies, Tik Tok Sensation Pee Whiz Takes Campaign To Schools
Reading: As Housemates Salone Campaign  Intensifies, Tik Tok Sensation Pee Whiz Takes Campaign To Schools

As Housemates Salone Campaign  Intensifies, Tik Tok Sensation Pee Whiz Takes Campaign To Schools

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The Housemates  drama has begun, the campaign is on for the best 20 or 22 men and women that will make it in the mansion,  Sierra Leone’s Popular Tik Tok Influencer, Nabieu Morie know on his social media handles as Pee Whiz Whiz sitting on whopping 58,000 followers with impressive and engaging contents has taken his campaign to the schools in the Godrich community where he spoke to pupils about his interest for this year’s Housemates Salone Reality TV show.


Nabieu Morie, Pee Whiz popularly known on Tik Tok for his trademark slogan “U get for die!” is a Sierra Leonean content creator, Tik Tok Influencer and former Marketer at the Inter-food who has amassed huge following on the video-focused social media networking platform. At his work place where he worked as marketer, Pee Whiz could have hundreds of people coming around him whenever he goes out to do marketing just to take pictures and videos with him,

Sierra Leonean content creator and comedian

“ I have even been banned from some offices, because  whenever I go there, I distract their clients and get them all over me for pictures and videos, I am humbled and honoured with the show of love from my fellow compatriots” he ended

Meet Miss Sonia B. Turay , the coordinator for Strong Girls United Women Organization that is focused on empowering women and girls in Sierra Leone


Born on the 5th of August 1991 in Panguma, Kenema District, Sierra Leone, West Africa, Nabieu Morie, Pee Whiz grew up in Panguma for most part of his life. Nabieu Morie was one of those kids who went through the scorches of war in Sierra Leone. As a kid, Nabieu had a tough time growing up and couldn’t enjoy his childhood relationship with his mother who many a time was not there with him. In 1999, Nabieu’s mother had turbulence in her relationship with his father as things got soar, which saw Nabieu’s mother and father stayed apart. Nabieu grew up with his Dad, elder sister, brother and grandmother. Life was hard for young Nabieu, but he didn’t give up – he became stronger and stronger as the years went by. Nabieu was raised by the community thus was called the “people’s son”. Nabieu Morie spent most of his life in Panguma, Kenema. In 2011, he came to the capital, Freetown to live with his Aunt.


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Nabieu Morie attended the Sierra Leone Muslim Brotherhood Primary School in Panguma from Primary/Class One to Primary Six where he sat to the National Primary School Examination. He did his Junior Secondary School One at the Lower Bambara Secondary School in Panguma, Kenema District before moving to Karl Kuhnle Memorial High School at RTI, Kenema where he continued his JSS two and three. He sat to the Basic Secondary School Certificate Examination and scored an impressive aggregate 16. Nabieu Morie gained an admission at the Government Secondary School in Kenema where he did his Senior Secondary School education. Nabieu sat to the West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination in what could be his last stop to education as his parents could no longer afford to pay for college.


Having completed his Senior Secondary School education, Nabieu could not continue to the university. Nabieu turned to a safe space to find solace. Tik Tok, the world’s biggest video-focused social media networking platform storm the internet. The emergence of Tik Tok saw millions of young people exploring their talents and passion using the platform. Like many young people on Tik Tok, Nabieu joined TikTok in 2020 in a bid to explore the many opportunities on the platform and find a place where he could have fun and wash away his dark past. As someone who had gone through traumatic childhood experiences, Nabieu needed something that will make him happy, and Tik Tok became that something. Nabieu started to promote some of his songs on Tik Tok but it didn’t work out for him because the songs didn’t go viral.

Meet Miss Sonia B. Turay , the coordinator for Strong Girls United Women Organization that is focused on empowering women and girls in Sierra Leone.

@pee_whiz5756 Reply to @ernestmoseskellie CONGRATULATIONS AND PLENTY THANKS TO US ALL…Am blessed having y’all around 🥰🥰🥰❤️🙌🏾🙏🏾 #foryourpage #tiktoksierraleone #viral #salone ♬ original sound – Pee Whizdom

The Rise Of Tik Tok Influencer NABIEU MORIE 

After months of hard work, persistency, perseverance and creativity, Nabieu Morie found his place on TikTok when he introduced a new catchy phrase “U get for die!”, which would later become a national slang and his trademark word. “U get for die!” is a Krio phrase or slang which mean ‘you will die’. Nabieu uses the word in almost all of his Tik Tok videos and has gained a place in the Sierra Leone TikTok community. As a content creator and comedian, using such a slang that involves death is something that he is fully aware of, it might sounds funny but “u get for die!” represents the fact that death is inevitable, and that everybody is going to die eventually. Nabieu’s type of content is comedy, motivational quotes, singing. and dancing Pee Whiz

For Pee Whiz, it’s not only about gaining the fame, views, likes, comments. Follows, and popularity but making his followers and viewers happy which also make him happy. Even though it’s difficult for Tik Tokers in Sierra Leone who are faced with an uphill internet data battle. It cost internet users to upload a video on Tik Tok and data cost huge amount of money in Sierra Leone. Before, Nabieu was spending Le 10,000 on data which is equivalent to 1GB data for browsing which takes him three weeks or almost a month. But now, being a Tik Toker, Nabieu has to spend more than Le 40,000 in a month. It’s more of a loss for Nabieu than gain because he is not getting paid for his content – but he enjoy doing it and being happy is what keeps him afloat. Nabieu Morie do most of his videos in Krio, a local dialect in Sierra Leone. This is as a result of luring the attention of Sierra Leoneans home and abroad, as the saying goes, “Charity begin at home”. Nabieu has over the years lure the heart and minds of thousands of people in and out of the country to the extent that when some of them have weddings, they call him to MC their wedding, Nabieu recount making 6 million in December 2021, just in 3 event, something he could work for in about 5 months to make, he then realises that what if he could give up on his job to go into full time content creation, something he loves giving him money and making him happy. I am leaving my job as a salesman to go into full time content creation, I can imagine making 6 million leones in month in something I love doing and enjoy doing compared to making that same amount in almost 5 months. So I am going in full time to create contents” Nabieu commented during an interview.


But as one of the most followed and viewed Tik Tokers in Sierra Leone, Pee Whiz has established himself as one of the most creative content creators in Sierra Leone. As popular as he is, Nabieu has gained national recognition in Sierra Leone within a very short period of time. He won the Tik Tok Most Trending Song Award at the  first-ever Tik Tok Awards in Sierra Leone. He was nominated in three categories; Top Creative Category, My Own Voice Trend Category, and TikTok Most Trending Song Category.



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Pee Whiz’s TikTok journey has so far yield dividend for him and he has attained one of the most important thing one could dream of in life, happiness. As most people sees TikTokers as “idlers” and “jobless” people, Nabieu see TikTok as a safe space that brings him joy, happiness and most importantly drawing him away from his unpleasant childhood days. TikTok has been Nabieu’s therapy and it seems like it’s paying off.


 The Housemates Salone Reality TV show is surely a huge platform to boost your social media advantage, and NABIEU MORIE  is now seeking to surely use the show to his gain. He has been shortlisted by the judges as among the top qualifiers.

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