The Journey Of Migrant: Temple Run Episode Three, Life In The Desert

The Journey Of Migrant: Temple Run Episode Three, Life In The Desert

By: Mohamed Mansaray A brief knowledge about the book secret must have a lot of reality, our present is as the result of our thought in the past, this force of attraction has led many African to suffer in the hands of their own African brothers in the Sahara desert. Book Many Many Beginnings has written about different colors and the many innocent killing around the world, such Literature we all agree about the store of the old fashioned Boy yearning to rebuild the future using art and literature rather than embarking on a journey that will rather cost him his life. A journey along the Algeria Sahara desert has been describe by migrant in two words walk or die. A migrant after covering 8 miles journey has to sit and reimagine all she left behind for a better life and sadly life is the Sahara was like the world was coming to an end. In an inhumane and racist community here we went to bed hungry, sleep in the desert and feed on our own wastes. Oh hard I know! I should have stayed in my country and endure the bitterness and suffering maybe I should have been a change agent to build the future I want to live in and ever other person, she thought of this for a while. In a far distance was a trip of unknown gun men upon their arrival men were separated from women, I wouldn’t imagine that this night is repeating again, we have been forced to sleep with them and unfortunately 2 lady are already pregnant from this ugly situation, a land of no medical facility nor contracptive is available to us as migrant. I have never been abuse in my country like this. That’s night migrants men where discussing about how 13,000 migrants has been abound in the desert and only few made it to the Mediterranean Sea, the discuss around issue that has to do with their human rights violation and how helpless they are to fight back, even thus the IOM is playing a critical role to protect our human rights said a migrant. Migrant describe Life in a desert as brutal match with only two choices walk or die. Been forced to walk from Algeria along the Sahara desert to the rescued town Niger is indeed a work or die choice Algeria do not welcome nither accept migrant they are full of racist and do not have respect for life, in my very face women where rape, children where denny access to medical facility, migrant are in prison men are beating with cutlasses and we all alone force into slavery and hard labor. In a distress the sun, here I find myself in this new land where the sun has no barrier to the skin it burn like fire on the skin. Climate disaster is one of the natural forces that make the journey to the Sahara desert unfriendly to West Africans. Smugglers from my country told us that we are to pay $5000 for a safe trip to Europe. I has to hustle and sell all I have to embark on this journey for a better life, Sarah with tears in her eyes write home. Dear Mom, Life in the desert with us here is no difference from slavery a journey between walk or die. Your daughter, Sahar. Beyond imagination, I have to conclude that Africa is suffering from a civilized war which is forcing their citizens out of the country vai irregular migration. My learned friends call it economic crisis indeed I agree with them yet in-between the line finding solution to this circis there is a need to dialogue with political leaders for an urgent local solution to this urgent crisis. Art and literature for local solution have been proven as a tool for Africa greatest challenge called Economic Crisis (EC) and the major drive to such solution is decision made by it leaders. Episodes 4 Sarah and her dream.


Mohamed Mansaray was born and raised in Sierra Leone, He holds diploma in accounting.  He started his childhood education in Kailahun town and later continue schooling at CPPS Kono at the St. Patrick boys second school koidu. He later further his junior secondary school at the Government Secondary School Bo. Because of his passion for humanity he established a local NGO name Environmental Youth Empowerment Service-SL, (EYES-SL) that engage 15 University students across universities in Sierra Leone to join in the fight against Ebola. Mohamed Mansaray is the Founder and CEO EYES-SL Ambassador at Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation (GGA) State Representative at NCF.  The Environmental Youth Empowerment Services- Sierra Leone (EYES-SL)is a community based, Non-Political and Non-Profit Making that exists to ensure that children, women, and young people live in an equal world free from violence, discrimination, and just world, free from poverty through Empowerment, Sensitization, Advocacy and Research, the organization was established on 15th November 2014 by industrious Sierra Leonean Youth and stakeholders who have the passion to contribute to national development through the formation of the organization, by creating direct impact on the community and the nation at large thus making a positive and desirable change and finding possible solutions that are compatible with the goal of a good society. The approaches gear towards improvement in the areas of Social Protection, Child Protection, Entrepreneurship, Agricultural, health, Education, peace, Good Governance, Climate Change and environmental protection. ARTBOX is a complex with its buildings as a meeting point, its dance square and its garden. It aims to serve all its members of its community without discrimination. It promotes a sustainable life within an inclusive economy through durable and modern green and solar technology, producing state-of-the-art aquaponics agriculture. ARTBOX benefits are free to all community. It reconciles both ecology and social business through the dissemination of skills from the West to Africa – for sustainable technologies; and poverty and health problem. It operates in a typical rural environment of 3.000 citizens from a hub of 1.000 m2 comprising three activity centers: • Culture Center for research and development with a technology lab – including library education services for sustainability strategy; • Entertainment Center providing a designated dance area, plus an exhibition area on photography, experiment area for science and a cinema; • Production Center: social entrepreneurs after initial training will take action using green and modern Technologies for production with ALL the 3.000 citizens

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