The Journey Of A Migrant: Temple Run Episode Two, Why They Embark On This Journey.

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The Journey Of A Migrant: Temple Run Episode Two, Why They Embark On This Journey.

By: Mohamed Mansaray

Episode Two


Temple Run

Stories from movies and the development of technology have created a massive awareness among young people, there is too much of what our society is heading to we have already missed the part of the culture and looking forward to the globalizing environment.

As a global village where the smartphone has made it possible for us all to connect and share the experience.

The majority of our young people have been exposed to the benefits and privilege of staying overseas through this technology.

Our teachers and lecturers always set the reference to overseas as an example for good circumstances and used Africa as an example for bad circumstances, even in national politics we do always see the overseas country as a best practices continent, why we view Africa as a best-fit environment, all these teachings from schools, university and the leadership style of Africa came about with a just conclusion about Africa.

Photo credit to UN migration

sadly, who will bring the change?

One evening among a group of young people in my local community, I overheard a discussion about a job opportunity and its terms and condition of service, after the discussion all I hard was, we must take the risk rather than die poor.

This keeps beating my imagination at the end of the discussion was taking risks rather than die poor.

This meeting must have some good news but with greater consequences that may lead to great success or total loss.

The following days, the mindsets have been occupied with traveling overseas, few of these people decided to keep their decision secrets, others went ahead preparing traveling documents some sell all they have including houses and other assets to raise this fund.

Some of the entire family has to contribute to this journey.

His death  Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi by the gun do not only destroy Libya but also a cause on the African population.

Traditional it is a tabu and abomination for a sitting president to be hunt down by the gun as this will bring about a difficult-to-end war. This tradition has been a bridge, today Libya servers as a crossing point to Europe since 2011

Migrants told the IOM Program Director at Niger Alberto Preato, that the desert is a bigger cemetery than the Mediterranean Sea.

In an unlicensed vehicle here we force ourselves to a deadly land, and inhuman behavior among people, we are being chased by smugglers, tribalistic and Jihadists. Many people lose their lives during this process.

The danger and the impossibility in this journey have been describing as Temple Run a journey of die or live but must endure all circumstances and pain for a better life and no turning back.

No turning back indeed, after all, we left nothing behind, but we are out here to make our family proud, said a migrant.

Migration is a right but must be done regularly to minimize life loss.

Episode 3 :Life in the Desert


Mohamed Mansaray was born and raised in Sierra Leone, He holds diploma in accounting.  He started his childhood education in Kailahun town and later continue schooling at CPPS Kono at the St. Patrick boys second school koidu. He later further his junior secondary school at the Government Secondary School Bo. Because of his passion for humanity he established a local NGO name Environmental Youth Empowerment Service-SL, (EYES-SL) that engage 15 University students across universities in Sierra Leone to join in the fight against Ebola.

Mohamed Mansaray is the Founder and CEO EYES-SL Ambassador at Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation (GGA) State Representative at NCF.  The Environmental Youth Empowerment Services- Sierra Leone (EYES-SL)is a community based, Non-Political and Non-Profit Making that exists to ensure that children, women, and young people live in an equal world free from violence, discrimination, and just world, free from poverty through Empowerment, Sensitization, Advocacy and Research, the organization was established on 15th November 2014 by industrious Sierra Leonean Youth and stakeholders who have the passion to contribute to national development through the formation of the organization, by creating direct impact on the community and the nation at large thus making a positive and desirable change and finding possible solutions that are compatible with the goal of a good society. The approaches gear towards improvement in the areas of Social Protection, Child Protection, Entrepreneurship, Agricultural, health, Education, peace, Good Governance, Climate Change and environmental protection.
ARTBOX is a complex with its buildings as a meeting point, its dance square and its garden. It aims to serve all its members of its community without discrimination. It promotes a sustainable life within an inclusive economy through durable and modern green and solar technology, producing state-of-the-art aquaponics agriculture. ARTBOX benefits are free to all community. It reconciles both ecology and social business through the dissemination of skills from the West to Africa – for sustainable technologies; and poverty and health problem. It operates in a typical rural environment of 3.000 citizens from a hub of 1.000 m2 comprising three activity centers:
• Culture Center for research and development with a technology lab – including library education services for sustainability strategy;
• Entertainment Center providing a designated dance area, plus an exhibition area on photography, experiment area for science and a cinema;
• Production Center: social entrepreneurs after initial training will take action using green and modern Technologies for production with ALL the 3.000 citizens


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