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Reading: The Journey Of A Migrant: Temple Run Episode Six- The Mediterranean Sea
Reading: The Journey Of A Migrant: Temple Run Episode Six- The Mediterranean Sea

The Journey Of A Migrant: Temple Run Episode Six- The Mediterranean Sea

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Mohamed Mansaray Mansaray
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The Journey Of A Migrant: Temple Run Episodes Five The Mediterranean Sea

The rise in sub-culture in our secondary, university, and the community has contributed to the irregular movement of young people into the journey called Temple run, exercise from these subgroups in the learning institution has created hope in our youth to embark on such red lines movement of ‘do or die’.

Alusine and Saffa has meet their commitment to the Mediterranean sea and they both are from the same university and from the same sub- group, they have a cultural of hope from brotherhood that they referred to as stronger them blood, this social structure has its own language and belief Alusine is from a humble home where the father and mother farm on small scale Alusine and his twin brothers use to help their parent during holidays season after harvest Alusine bring  the produce to a Lebanese  business man who was their customers sometime Alusine faithfully can sell a produce amount to $1000 – $5000 depending on the harvest season, with this fund the parent has been able to educate them to that height, sadly Alusine could have complected his university degreed in the field of Agricultural and Technology as a finalist student at Njala University he could not complect his course, when a second year club members presented to Alusine the opportunity to travel to oversea on a course program the package goes like this;  you are to pay $5000 to study in one of the university in Europe where you will be given allowances and other facilities will be attach to it, the both invested into the program with smugglers and find themselves today at Libya in a regretful  manner both have to work for days and are been under pay trying to complected their assignment to cross through the Mediterranean sea where they belief will change their stories.

It is only a country that already lost hope, is whose citizens will take the venture of crossing a sea that covered a total area of 2,500,000 km risking it all in a plastic boat just to go out of the country in search of a better life.

Where are these legends of Africa!? Is it that our everyday oath in our national anthem is fighting us back? our citizens choose to embark on such a suicidal journey, with the hope that if they survived it will bring them and their families an everlasting breakthrough from poverty and economic hardship.

On the last night in Libya, a batch of migrants are to leave for the Mediterranean Sea. Isha called home with a fair in her voice as she speaks, mom tomorrow is the deal day, crossing the Mediterranean Sea from Libya will last for at least three days we no longer know our fate, she subbed cried bitterly.

The mother couldn’t hold her tears she wept and wept and these were her words, daughter nature will not pay us with this I am sure you will make it through the sea consultation has been done and the sacrifices have been offered to clean up your tears and await your dream.

A toed does not run in the daytime for anything, Isha has been one of the team led members for Migrant women in prostitution, she has been addicted to drugs always on a drug, according to her will help her forget about her situation and develop more confident in interacting with the traffickers and smugglers including the client.


The sad news is Isha has a spiritual husband that coordinates her activity she came in contact with her when she was still a child in a nearby river.

The IOM and Migrant As Messengers on that morning visited almost all the prisons and ghettos where Migrant are smuggled, they have to ask for permission from the owners of those small cartels and seek the consent of migrants who are willing to return home Dorretta and many other women volunteers to give their names and decided to come back home.

Isha and 200 other migrant women were at the sea, everyone was loaded on a flat plastic boat, the boat has a seal for almost two hours now and no longer see Libya non a nearby island it was the blue Mediterranean Sea all throughout.

The middle of the passage between Libya and Italy has been describing as a cemetery for a migrant who attempts the death-defying cross into Europe. The UN- Migration has shown data of migrants who are losing their lives.

Isha and the other Migrant has already spent days in the boat, food and water are almost finished and there is no nearby island among the 83 Island in the Mediterranean Sea. Research shows that the Mediterranean Sea has a coastline of about 28,600 miles and share boarded with 22 countries, also it has an average depth of 1,500m (4,900ft) and the deepest recorded point is about 5,267m (17,280ft) in the Calypso Deep in the Lonian sea.

After my research work, I still ponder why should West African see the Mediterranean Sea as a root to Europe.

This intercontinental sea stretches from the Atlantic Ocean on the West to Asia on the East and separates Europe from Africa it has also been called the Incubator of western Civilization.

Nothing hurt much them the rise in the nationalist politicians in both Europe and America casting blame on Migrant and refugees as the cause of every problem facing the west from unemployment to terrorism.

Despite the many problems they are running away from Africa from unemployment, economic crisis, and poverty, yet the nationalist politicians claim that the real aim of migrants and refugees is to intrude and destroy western society.

Isha is in trouble in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea the MSF rescue boat is yet to be seen, Isha clips her hands and feet together so tie that man born of a woman can’t unfold it, she strikes at the sea and due to overpopulation and her unexpected attack led to one man down into the sea with no life jacket.

As her struggle continue, she attempted to throw herself into the sea unconsciously.

The sea gets darker and rough, everyone was praying in their ways and only just one Goodwill friend still focused on holding on to Isha seems she attempted jumping from the boat.

That even the boat gets damage now everyone has to fight for their survival at the sea and an hour the rescued team arrived and the few who were fortunate to be found dead or alive were transferred into the ship to Italy.

This mysterious death is what The IOM and Migrant as Messenger must have prevented Dorretta and other Migrant in prisoners from.


In as much the nationalist politicians are blaming Africa so also few social thinkers can imagine their power to overrule our culture and tradition and forcing us to accept theirs, that is causing so many guns to sound around Africa. One of these is a democracy, what my learned friend referred to as Demonocracy until the development of Art and Literature Africa continue to hear the sound of the guns.


Are those nationalists failing to realize that all their industry depends on Africa to supply them with raw materials? No matter how cheaper we may be without us production is impossible.


RTBOX System will change this for the entire Africa region and silence the guns in Africa.


Episode 7


The Return Trip.

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